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Understanding The InDesign Workspace

table, th, td { border: 1px solid black; border-collapse: collapse;}th, td { padding: 15px;}FeatureDescriptionMenu Bar The Menu […]

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InDesign – Adding a margin to the inside of a framed box

Select the text box with the Selection Tool (black arrow tool)From the Object Menu, select Text Frame Options.Set […]

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InDesign – How to change the bullet character on bulleted paragraphs.

Highlight the bulleted paragraphs with the Text Tool.From the Paragraph Toolbar at the top of your screen, enter its […]

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InDesign – How to enter a column break instruction

First place the text cursor at the point where you wish to insert a column break.On the numeric keypad […]

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InDesign – How to turn off Hyphenation for all future new documents

First you need to start up InDesign, but do not open or create a new document.Then you need to […]

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