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Word Courses

Microsoft Word Training: Essentials Course

Word Introduction

1 Day
Online & Guildford
Onsite Courses Available
5th Jun

For complete beginners looking to get started with Word.

  • Inserting and formatting text
  • Using the ruler & setting tabs
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Using spell check
  • Printing and saving to PDF
Microsoft Word Training: Intermediate Course

Word Intermediate

1 Day
Online & Guildford
Onsite Courses Available
6th Jun

Take your Word skills to the next level and create beautiful documents

  • Controlling text with Styles
  • Columns, page breaks & tables
  • Inserting a Table of Contents
  • Editing and inserting pictures
  • Using and modifying templates
Microsoft Word Training: Combined (Introduction & Intermediate)

Word Combined (SAVE £55)

2 Days
Online & Guildford
Onsite Courses Available
5th, 6th Jun

The fastest way from complete beginner to confident Word user.

Book an introduction and intermediate Word course at the same time and save £55.

Microsoft Word Training: Advanced Course

Word Advanced

2 Days
Online & Guildford
Onsite Courses Available
28th, 29th May

Become a Word power user using all its most powerful tools.

  • Using mail merge and forms
  • Commenting & track changes
  • Creating footnotes & an index
  • Creating master documents
  • Automating tasks with macros
Working With Long Documents

Working With Long Documents

1 Day
Live Online & Client Site
Onsite Courses Available

Harness Word’s tools to efficiently create, edit and manage long documents.

  • Navigating documents quickly
  • Indexes & tables of contents
  • Using templates and styles
  • Using outline view
  • Bookmarks, notes & references
Word VBA

Word VBA

2 Days
Live Online & Client Site
Onsite Courses Available

Take full control of Word writing and editing Word VBA code.

  • Introduction to VBA
  • The Word Object Model
  • Using Forms and controls
  • Procedures and functions
  • Debugging and error handling

The Trainer


Meet Lucinda one of our Microsoft Word trainers.


Word Training FAQs


Our training computers are set up with Microsoft Office 2016 (2019 update).

If you use Word 2019, Word 2013 or Word for Office 365 don’t worry. The way that Word looks changes very little between these versions.

You will be able to use the skills that you learn on our Microsoft Word courses without a problem whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.

Also, our trainers have spent years working with these versions of Microsoft Word software.

This means that they will easily be able to answer any questions that you might have on the specific version of MS Word software that you use.

Creating a Table of Contents is covered on our intermediate Word course.

The tables icon can be found at the beginning of the References ribbon.

You will need to apply Styles from the Home ribbon for your headings which are then used to create an automatic Table of Contents.

Tables, and in particular tables of contents, are an extremely valuable skill for beginners to Microsoft Word and can save huge amounts of time. Our

Mail Merge is covered in our Advanced Word Course.

Mail Merge is used to add variable data to the same document.  For example, you can use the same letter but merge different names and addresses onto it.

Mail Merge is found in the Mailings ribbon.  If you have never used this feature before it’s a good idea to use the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard on the Mailings ribbon under Start Mail Merge which will walk you through the process.

Mail Merge is an expert Word tool for advanced users and functions by cycling through a list that you provide Microsoft Word with automatically, saving you a huge amount of time.

Section breaks are covered on our Word Intermediate course.

Section Breaks are used in a document to create different sections or areas. For example, if a landscape page is required in the middle of a document a section break would allow you to do this and not affect the other pages in the document. They are key part of your word processing when working with larger documents along with tables.

The Section Breaks command is found in the Layout ribbon under Breaks.

Fonts are covered on our Microsoft Word Essentials course.

A font gives text a particular look, size, colour and other characteristics. For example, many people use larger fonts in the header row of tables.

Fonts are set in the Font group.

To make a font default, so it doesn’t change, the Font dialogue box launcher is used. The launcher is located in the bottom right corner of the font group.

Choose the desired look and select Set as Default located in the bottom left. This can either be done just for this document or all documents from now on.

Document templates are covered in our intermediate Microsoft Word course.

When a template is used, only a copy of that file is opened. Templates are original documents that can’t be overwritten.

Creating a template in Word is part of the Save As process.  In the Save As dialogue box the option Document Template (.dotx) would be selected from the Save as Type drop-down list.

Templates can save intermediate Word users huge amounts of time, as can tables as discussed above. Our Microsoft Word courses are focused on equipping you with practical skills and knowledge to ensure you return to work a much faster, more confident Word users.