Our MapInfo training courses are led by ex-industry professionals with years of hands-on experience. This means that our courses use real-life examples and scenarios and that you will leave with plenty of practical tips and tricks as well as a through understanding of this powerful software program.

We offer scheduled MapIno training at our centre in Guildford.

We are also very happy to provide custom training in London, Manchester and at your offices. This means that the training can be customised to your exact requirements and run on a date that suits you.

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Mapinfo Training Course – Introduction / Intermediate

Introduction / Intermediate

2 days

This course is for people new to MapInfo.

Become a fast, independent user of MapInfo.

Learn to confidently:

  1. Navigate the MapInfo interface and menus.
  2. Opening, geocoding, labelling and manipulating your data.
  3. Displaying your data on a map in a number of ways using layers.

Course Locations

Our scheduled MapInfo classes are run at our Guildford centre.

We are based in the Surrey Technology Centre, next to the Royal Surrey Hospital.

We are also very happy to come to you and provide training at your offices, or we can run courses at our London and Manchester centres.

Our London training centre is in the heart of the City of London. It is only a short walk from Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street and Cannon Street overland stations. It is also very close to Bank, Tower Hill and Cannon Street tube stations.

Our Manchester centre is in the heart of Manchester. It is only a very short walk from Oxford Street and Piccadilly stations.

Uses of MapInfo

MapInfo is the original desktop mapping and geographic information system (‘GIS’) software program.

It offers multiple ways to visualise, analyse and interpret geographic data and then to output this analysis to maps and other geographic representations. It is often used to superimpose a set of data which contains spatial information onto a map. This allows geographic relationships within the data to be simply found and visualised, often by producing a custom map to show these relationships.

MapInfo allows SQL queries to be run when accessing data from a database. Typical examples of how it is used are to geographically target either physical locations (retail stores, hospitals etc), or to allow for customised maps to be produced to present information very clearly (e.g. the position of power lines, sales representatives sales territories).

Course Approach

These courses are focused on ensuring that we make you a fast, relaxed and accurate Mapinfo user.

With a focus on developing practical skills this course gets delegates working with practice data from an early stage to build up their familiarity with both the user interface and how the menus are laid out.

We believe that practical skills are only developed through hands-on practice. These courses use carefully chosen exercises to emphasise the key learning points of each lesson. Our instructors are on hand through out to answer any questions that you might have.


Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions we’re happy to help.


We provide everything that you will need for a full day of training.

You will have your own laptop to work on and be given a USB to take your exercises home with you.

You will also receive your own A4 full-colour manual.

Most importantly we provide plenty of refreshments and biscuits through the day and a delicious lunch.

Please wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

Most people attending our courses wearing casual clothing.

No problem.

For the 6 months after your course, if you have a question or issue simply email us the question and your trainer will either call or email you to help you out.


We will provide you with an individual certificate of attendance to demonstrate that you have completed the course.

No problem.

Please give us as much notice as possible and we will let our caterers know.

Background and Overview

MapInfo was the first geographic information system(‘GIS’) software available for use on a desktop PC. It was launched originally in 1986 under the name Mapping Display and Analysis System or MIDAS for short and only available to PCs running the DOS operating system. It is the most widely used and understood GIS system available.

Since then it has been extensively developed and also broadened into a while suite of products which work on different aspects of GIS. It is now available for both Windows and Mac PCs and updated software is released approximately annually, with the new release generally being made available over the summer months.

The company was purchased by Pitney Bowes in 2007.

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Further Information

Further information on MapInfo can be found at the following websites:

We maintain a website which contains tips and tricks that we find delegates find particularly useful on our MapInfo training courses.

Wikipedia: MapInfo Article

Pitney Bowes: MapInfo Home Page


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