Our SQL articles below clearly and simply how to use specific aspects of SQL that we also cover in our SQL training courses.

List of books ordered by genre and then by price. The last columns contains the rank using the rank function.

SQL Rank Functions

Among the myriad functions SQL offers, specific functions such as RANK and DENSE_RANK stand out for their utility in data analysis and reporting tasks. These functions empower users to make sense of data by enabling them to order and rank…

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Top 3 SQL Learning Apps

With SQL’s undeniable significance in the current programming landscape, now is an opportune time to delve into this powerful language. In this article, we’ll explore the top 3 SQL learning apps, examining their features, pricing, suitability, and accessibility. If after…

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SQL Aggregate Functions

SQL aggregate functions are functions that perform calculations on multiple rows and return an aggregated single value. For instance, the SUM() aggregate function in SQL server adds all the values in a table column and returns the overall sum. But…

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SQL Interview Questions

This article explains the type of interview questions that can be asked for SQL-related job positions such as database developer, database administrator, full stack developer, or even for general programming positions.  Depending upon the experience level required, the SQL interview…

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