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Our SPSS training course will show you how to make the most of this powerful software package. It is led by industry professionals with many years of hands-on experience and this means that our SPSS trainers bring the training to life with real-life scenarios and examples and you leave with lots of practical tips and tricks as well as a solid understanding of how this software works.

Statistical Package for Social Sciences (‘SPSS’) is a powerful suite of data analytics, reporting and modelling software. It is the data analytics software package of choice for people who need to analyse large amounts of quantitative data and is used as standard by a wide range of users who need to quickly and accurately carry out statistical analysis of that data. It has a very broad range of applications from the relatively simple like calculating frequencies and creating lists and charts through to the far more advanced like variance analysis, multivariate statistical analysis and  cluster analysis. It can also be used to quickly and simply build predictive models.

This SPSS course is ideal for you if your job involves analysing data and you want to learn how to perform data analysis more quickly and efficiently while making the most of your data. Our course will show you how to set up statistical analyses with SPSS and interpret the results, so that you are able to apply them with confidence

We offer training at our centres in GuildfordLondon and Manchester .

 We also frequently provide our clients with SPSS training on their site. Saving the time and cost of travel and accommodation this means that the course can be customised exactly to your requirements and delivered on dates to suit you. If required we can also supply laptop computers for use during onsite training. Where possible we will use your SPSS files during customised training to ensure that the training is as bespoke to your needs as possible.

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Introduction / Intermediate

Learn the basics of SPSS. This hands on training course will show you the fundamentals of using SPSS in two days and you'll return to your office a confident SPSS user.
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Course Approach

Everything in our course is aimed at making you a faster and more relaxed SPSS user. Our courses are deliberately hands-on including lots of small exercises and examples to ensure that you spend time working with SPSS. We believe that software skills that are developed in this way are deeper than those developed from classroom explanations. Our exercises are carefully chosen to emphasise the key aspects of each lesson.

SPSS is a very large software package, containing large numbers of options and possibilities.  This presents a challenge to the new or inexperienced user as it offers large numbers of options, often within nested menus. It is not unusual for a user to know that something is possible within SPSS but not be able to find the relevant menu. By encouraging delegates to working independently on SPSS we ensure that they become familiar with how menus are structured and where different options are accessed.

Uses Of SPSS

SPSS is used extensively in business, government and academia. It is a statistical analysis package and so allows any organisation or individual that holds large amounts of data to analyse it and understand it more deeply. At it’s most simple it is very useful for discovering correlations between different variables. At it’s most powerful it can be used to make statistically valid forecasts for future events or results.

Background & Overview

SPSS looks rather like Excel and so is not threatening to an experienced user of Excel. It’s user interface is a traditional spreadsheet and contains rows and columns of cells which are used to hold data. All of it’s statistical power is accessed through the menus that it has in it’s menu bar.

Officially it is known as IBM SPSS as it was bought by IBM in 2009 although it continues to be known as just ‘SPSS’ as it was before the acquisition. As there was a dispute during this time over the name SPSS for a period in 2009 and 2010 the company and software were know as PASW (Predictive Analytics SoftWare). This name does still occur occasionally.

The software was originally developed to help with statistical analysis in 1968 and was called Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

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