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PowerPoint Courses

Introduction to PowerPoint Course

PowerPoint Intro & Intermediate

Length :
1 Day
Where :
Online, London & Guildford + Client Site
Next Date :
August 22nd

For complete beginners looking to get a good working knowledge of the basics.

  • Creating & printing slides
  • Editing images & videos
  • Formatting, charting & drawing
  • Using the different views
  • Presenting using PowerPoint
Advanced PowerPoint Course

PowerPoint Advanced

Length :
1 Day
Where :
Online, London & Guildford + Client Site
Next Date :
August 23rd

Develop your PowerPoint skills and learn to efficiently create stunning presentations.

  • Tables, graphs & diagrams
  • Animations & transitions
  • Slide masters & templates
  • Using media & the internet
  • The basics of slide design
Combined Microsoft PowerPoint Course (Introduction & Advanced)

PowerPoint Combined

Length :
2 Days
Where :
Online, London & Guildford + Client Site
Next Date :
August 22nd, 23rd

Go from complete beginner to an advanced PowerPoint user in 2 days.

Save £55 when you book an introduction and advanced PowerPoint course at the same time.

Designing PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint Designing Slides

Length :
1 Day
Where :
Classroom & Live Online
Next Date :
September 9th

Learn how to design your slides for maximum clarity and impact.

  • Matching a design & audience
  • Incorporating storytelling
  • Design rules: images & videos
  • Using form, space & colour
  • Best practice: Masters & fonts

Choosing A Course

If you are unsure which course is most appropriate for you, please call us and we’ll be very happy to advise you.

Alternatively, we have an online tool that will advise you and takes less than a minute to complete

You can find the tool here: PowerPoint Course Level Analyser.

This training course is for complete beginners, and for people who have very limited experience with Microsoft PowerPoint.

You do not need to have any previous experience creating a slide show with PowerPoint, it starts with the basics.

By the end of the course, you will be a capable PowerPoint user and able to:

  • Create, save and print presentations.
  • Create slides and modify your slide set-up.
  • Work with and format text and images.
  • Use the various editing views.
  • Insert and work with SmartArt, Clip Art, images and animations.

If you are already a competent user of PowerPoint, this course is probably not right for you. You should consider our advanced course.

This training course is for people who are already comfortable using PowerPoint’s basic features.

It is appropriate for you if you already have a good understanding of this presentation software. This includes things like creating a new presentation from scratch, formatting and adding images and diagrams to it.

By the end of the course, you will be an advanced PowerPoint user and able to:

  • Use Slide Masters to ensure your formatting is always consistent, and speed up the creation of new presentations.
  • Enhance images using Picture Style, Picture Effects and Artistic Effects.
  • Import objects from other Microsoft Office packages (for example a graph from Microsoft Excel) into your presentation.
  • Import audio files and video clips into your presentation, edit them and compress them to ensure that your PowerPoint files do not become too big.

If you already have a good working knowledge of these parts of PowerPoint, this is not the right course for you.

Our combined PowerPoint course is for people who are complete novices with PowerPoint and who need to develop their skills to an advanced level quickly.

It is a more cost-effective way to take our Introduction and Advanced PowerPoint courses, offering a discount when both courses are booked at the same time.

This is often taken by people who have moved to a new job role and who need an advanced knowledge of PowerPoint for their professional development.

This PowerPoint course is for people who want to learn how to design and present PowerPoint presentations for maximum impact. 

It is focused on the design and narrative elements of designing presentations.

By the end of the course, you will understand:

  • Why storytelling is important and how to build it into your presentation.
  • The key principles of design in presentations, and how to use them for maximum effect.
  • What type of presentation to use for what audience and how to structure your presentation for maximum impact.
  • Design best practice when applied to PowerPoint presentations. This includes elements like visual themes, master slides, typography and fonts, diagrams, margins, grids and image placement.

Many leaders find this course useful. As they advance through their career they need to communicate ideas to increasingly large numbers of people effectively. They find that understanding how to create impactful slides is a very effective way to do that.

This course does include some technical elements (for example, master slides) but they are not its focus.

If you are looking for a course focused on the functions of PowerPoint, please look at our Advanced and Beginners courses above.

Microsoft PowerPoint is presentation software that allows you to create a slide show very quickly and simply.

PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite of software products, which includes Excel, Word and Outlook.

Training Formats

We offer scheduled public courses (both live online and classroom-based) and private, bespoke courses.

Live online training allows you to join a training session from anywhere, whereas classroom training is face-to-face and requires you to travel to wherever the course is being delivered. 

In both training formats, your training will be live and interactive. Your tutor will be present throughout the day, to lead you through the course material, answer questions and help you if you get stuck.

The difference in your location does have some pros and cons that you should be aware of.

    1. Computer Setup:  To attend a virtual course you will require a computer with PowerPoint loaded onto it, Zoom and a reliable internet connection. For classroom courses, we provide all of this.
    2. Travel: A remote course will save you travel time and expense when compared to a classroom course.

We run both public Microsoft PowerPoint courses and private courses. Both of these course formats can be run as remote, online training courses or classroom training.

Public courses are open to the public and run monthly. They are the most cost-effective way for one or two people to learn PowerPoint and cover our standard course outlines.

Private PowerPoint courses are organised specifically for a group or individual, usually for a group of staff working for one employer.

They are the most cost-effective way for a group of 3 or more people to learn PowerPoint and allow us to tailor the training content to the group’s specific requirements.

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What's Included?

Everything you need for a great day's training

A comfortable, modern air-conditioned training room. A comfortable, modern air-conditioned training room.
A full-colour PowerPoint manual. A full-colour PowerPoint manual.
Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits. Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits.
6 months post course support. 6 months post course support.
Pens & pads to take notes. Pens & pads to take notes.
A USB so you can keep your course files A USB so you can keep your course files