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This course is only available as a private booking for an individual or group.

  1. We are able to run courses on dates to suit you,
  2. We can customise the course content for you,
  3. We can offer discounts for larger group bookings.

Our private courses can run online, in-person at your offices or at one of our training centres.

Please contact us for full details.

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Intensive One Day Team Leader Course

Intensive One Day Team Leader Course

1 Days
Online, London & Guildford
Onsite Courses Available
2nd Aug

Our most popular team leader course. Learn the key skills and techniques that every team leader needs in one day.

  • Monitor & manage team performance
  • Manage your own workload
  • Delegate work successfully
  • Develop trust with your team
  • Managing former colleagues

In-Depth Two Day Team Leader Course

2 Days
Online & London
Onsite Courses Available
23rd, 24th Jul

An expanded version of our 1-day course, this course uses roleplay and group discussion extensively to explore topics in greater depth.

  • Managing different size teams
  • Motivating different team members
  • Balancing 1:1 and group meetings
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Developing your confidence
Private Team Leader Courses

Private Team Leader Workshops & Courses

It's your private course, you choose.
Onsite Courses Available

We also offer private team leader workshops for individuals and groups.

This allows us to create a customised course, designed for you and / or your organisation.

These can be run at your offices, one of our training centres or online. 

Please contact us for more details.

Choosing The Right Course

If you are unsure which course is appropriate for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Alternatively, see below for more information on each individual course.


Our one-day team leader training course provides an in-depth exploration of the management skills you’ll need to be a successful team leader.

It is designed for people who want:

  1. To learn how to be an effective team leader..
  2. To manage people who may be unmotivated or troublesome.
  3. Have a clear framework within which to develop their skills.

This comprehensive course covers all the management skills you’ll need to become a great team leader. 

As a two-day course, it allows time for plenty of discussion and practice of the skills, particularly communication skills, that it covers.

This course is not offered as a public course. It is only available as a private course to individuals and teams.

Our courses can run at your offices, at one of our training centres in London and Guildford or online in a virtual classroom.

Our online team leader courses can be run using either Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Online Courses

We offer all of our team leader training courses remotely, as well as in-person.

Our remote courses cover the same content as our in-person courses and run over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


London Training Venue & Course Details
St Clements House, 27 Clements Lane
London, EC4N 7AE
Tel: 0203 603 0150


Guildford Training Venue & Course Details
Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam Road
Guildford, GU2 7YG
Tel: 01483 688 488


Private Courses & Corporate Training

Looking for private group training or a 1-2-1 team leader course?

Our custom courses are organised on dates to suit you, either at your office or ours or online whichever you’d prefer.

Our free pre-course reviews ensure that our custom Team Leader courses are focused on the topics you need.


The Training Day

Course Times

Training Session 1
Training Session 2
Training Session 3
Training Session 4

What's Included?

Everything you need for a great day's training!

A full-colour course manual A full-colour course manual
Your course exercises to practice at home Your course exercises to practice at home
Pens, pads and everything you'll need to take notes Pens, pads and everything you'll need to take notes
Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits
6 months of support post the course in case you get stuck on anything 6 months of support post the course in case you get stuck on anything
A modern comfortable air-conditioned training room A modern comfortable air-conditioned training room

Training FAQs



Our online training is designed to re-create the classroom training experience as closely as possible.

It is a live training session using Zoom or Microsoft Teams as a virtual classroom. Your trainer is there throughout.

Please note that we never mix remote and in-person courses. We don’t believe it gives a very good experience for the people not in the room.


Our focus is on helping you to become a more effective and assertive team leader by the end of your course.

Our courses combine traditional teaching to explain new concepts and tools, with hands-on exercises.

The exercises ensure that you get plenty of time to try out what you have just been taught and ask questions if there is anything you’re unsure of.

Yes. We provide all attendees on our course with certificates.


Please come wearing whatever you are most comfortable in, we do not have a dress code for our training courses.

Most people come wearing casual clothes.


Our London training centre is centrally located in the City of London.

It is a 3-minute walk from both Blackfriars tube station and Thameslink station.

For full details on our London centre see this link: London location


Course Specific FAQs



There are 5 key responsibilities of a team leader.

  1. Manage the operation day-to-day
  2. Lead and motivate the team
  3. Manage the performance of the team members
  4. Solve individual’s problems so they can work effectively
  5. Care for their workers’ welfare


  1. Spend time explaining to each team member how you want them to work.
  2. Make key objectives clear.
  3. Get to know your team.
  4. Show don’t tell. Model the behaviours you would like to see from your team.

Remember first impressions last. A good first week will leave a lasting impression.


  1. Give team members opportunities to develop themselves
  2. Ensure your team feels comfortable speaking with you and with each other
  3. Set clear goals to be achieved
  4. Don’t micromanage! Let people go through their own process and produce their own work.

Following these four tips will help your team be the best they can possibly be.


  1. Great listener. Great team leaders listen more than they speak.
  2. Clear strategy. Great team leaders set out a clear vision and strategy so that their teams’ understand where they are going and why.
  3. Strong motivator. Great team leaders understand how to motivate people and communicate clearly.

If you have a combination of these qualities, you are well on the way to becoming a great team leader.



Learning to develop working relationships with your team and communicate clearly and effectively are the keys to leading teams.