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Microsot Outlook: How to turn on Automatic Reply

If you are going to be out of the office for the day and you need to let others that […]

Microsoft Outlook: How to turn off MailTips

In Outlook MailTips are turned on by default, here is how you turn them off: First go to the ‘File’ […]

Adobe Photoshop: How To Get The Grabber Tool Instantly

Here is a handy tip on how to temporarily activate the ‘Hand Tool’ instead of having to switch tools every […]

Adobe Photoshop: How to use the Patch Tool

When you have a picture which has a few imperfections that you want to remove,  or you might just want to smooth […]

How to add a Translator in PowerPoint

Whether you speak a different language and you want to be able to translate a word in a presentation or […]

Microsoft PowerPoint: How to zoom in using your mouse

We recommend that all heavy users of PowerPoint learn the short cut keys. These speed up your work considerably as […]

Microsoft Excel: How To Email An Excel File Without Leaving Excel

If you frequently email your colleagues Excel files (and how doesn’t) this is a quick tip to speed things up […]

7 Top Benefits of Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010

Here is a list of just some of the key benefits to help you get started: 1. Save time and […]

Adobe InDesign: Adding A Margin To The Inside Of A Framed Box

Presenting your document so that it is very clear and easy for a reader to navigate is critical. Adding a […]