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Microsoft Excel: How to Centre Text Across Cells

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Microsoft PowerPoint: How to zoom in using your mouse

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Microsoft Excel: How To Email An Excel File Without Leaving Excel

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Leadership Training: Avoid the worst kind of manager behaviour highlighted by CIPD survey

According to CIPD’s new research two of the worst attributes of bad managers are not taking responsibility and telling staff what […]

7 Top Benefits of Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010

Here is a list of just some of the key benefits to help you get started: 1. Save time and […]

Time Management Techniques – Effective Training

Time management training benefits hugely from a practical approach as time management is difficult to put into practice because problems […]

Adobe InDesign: Adding A Margin To The Inside Of A Framed Box

Presenting your document so that it is very clear and easy for a reader to navigate is critical. Adding a […]