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How To Remove The White Background From A Picture In Adobe InDesign

Removing a white (or other coloured ) background from an image in Adobe InDesign is a straightforward process. It can […]

Adobe InDesign: How to enter a column break instruction

First place the text cursor at the point where you wish to insert a column break. On the numeric keypad, […]

Minute Taking: Tips For Creating Stress-free Minutes

Whilst taking minutes at a meeting, either to distribute to team members, or for your own personal record. You may […]

Microsot Outlook: How to turn on Automatic Reply

If you are going to be out of the office for the day and you need to let others that […]

Microsoft Outlook: How to turn off MailTips

In Outlook MailTips are turned on by default, here is how you turn them off: First go to the ‘File’ […]

Adobe Photoshop: How To Get The Grabber Tool Instantly

Here is a handy tip on how to temporarily activate the ‘Hand Tool’ instead of having to switch tools every […]

Adobe Photoshop: How to use the Patch Tool

When you have a picture which has a few imperfections that you want to remove,  or you might just want to smooth […]

Different ways to Print your PowerPoint Presentation

Here is a quick tip on how to Print your PowerPoint Presentation in different layouts. It is pretty simple but […]

Microsoft Word: How to Create and Use Building Blocks

If you are going to re-use a certain picture or text in different documents then here is a handy tool […]