Working with Comments in Excel

Comments are a way of adding a comment to a particular cell within Excel without altering it’s contents. When you hover over the cell, the yellow comment box will appear. You can see that a cell has a comment attached as it has a little red triangle in the top right-hand corner.

Comments 1

It is extremely easy to do.

  • Right click the cell you want to add the comment to

Comments 2

  • Click on ‘Insert Comment’
  • The yellow comment box opens up which you can type in. This will automatically have the name of whoever was entered into the set-up when Excel was loaded originally.
  • All the time it has the stripey border it can be resized, edited and moved.Comments 3
  • Once you click back on to the work sheet you have finished the editing.
  • If you right click on the same cell again, you will now see two new options – ‘Edit Comment’ and ‘Delete Comment’. Another way to do this it to click on the ‘Review’ tab and click on the cell you want to edit the comment about.

Comments 4

Comments can be printed.

  • Click on the Page Layout tab
  • The dialogue launcher (the little arrow bottom right-hand corner) of the page-setup section
  • In the page set-up pop up window choose how you would like your comments to be printed.

Comments 5

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