Excel Training Needs Analysis

Please answer Yes or No to the following questions to find the course that’s right for you.
  • Can you do basic calculations? (e.g. =A1*B7)

  • Can you insert months into cells automatically?

  • Can you apply £0.00 formatting to cells?

  • Can you use autosum ∑? (e.g. =sum(A1:A9))

  • Can you link worksheets together? (e.g. =sheet1!)

  • Do you use conditional formatting? (e.g. can you turn a cell green if its greater than 500?)

  • Can you split and freeze worksheets?

  • Can you create graphs?

  • Do you use the IF function?

  • Do you validate cells to accept specific values or to allow data from lists?

  • Can you create a pivot table?

  • Do you record macros?