Adobe Illustrator: How to turn a hand drawn image into a vector image

First thing you need to do is to draw an image I just used an image of a cat from internet but you can draw whatever you want. When you are drawing your image you need to make sure that there are no gaps in the lines otherwise there will be gaps when you turn it into a vector. You should also not put any shading in otherwise illustrator will just turn it into a solid colour. You should use pencil or pen I used pencil because it easier to draw with but if you use pen then your lines will turn out better.

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Once you have drawn your image and you are happy you need to put it on the computer to do this you need to use a scanner. If you try and do it from a photo then then illustrator might add colour to parts you don’t want coloured because of the lighting in the picture.


Now you need to open illustrator and open the scanned image to do this go to file, open and then find your image in your folders and then click open.


Now you have the scanned image in illustrator you need to turn it into a vector. To do this you need to go to “Object”, then down to “Image Trace” and click on “Make and expand”. A window will pop up just click ok.


Now you’re finished and you will have a vector image of your drawing which you can manipulate like any other vector in illustrator.  For example, you could change the colour, see example below.


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