What are Quick Steps in Outlook 2010?

Quick steps are ways to replicate common actions that you do in Outlook.  They are a brand new feature of Outlook 2010.  You’ll notice them on the home ribbon in their own Quick Steps group.

  • To create a quick step you can customise one in the group or create your own.
  • Click on the to manager quick step.  This quick step forwards an email to a specific person.  If this is an action you do, this quick step can be created to forward the email to that particular person.


What are Quick Steps?

  • When you click on a quick step for the first time, the First time setup box will appear, you now need to give it a name. Notice the action Forward has automatically been ticked.  Now choose who you want to forward the mail to.


What are Quick Steps?

  • Click on To and choose a person in your contacts list.  If the specific person does not exist in the contacts or global address list you will need to add them before creating a quick step.  Click on save when you have chosen your contact.


What are Quick Steps?

  • Now select an email that you would like to forward.  Select your quick step that you have just created.  It will open the email as a forward and the specific contact’s address will automatically be there!


What are Quick Steps?

This is what a quick step is and how to create one in Outlook 2010

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