Microsoft Office Shortcuts

Many people use MS Office every day but do not realise they are taking longer than needed to do common tasks. For example to save a document people find the mouse, then go to filesave as when you can just hit the Control (Ctrl) button and S, this can really speed up your work once you get used to using them.

These shortcuts can be used in all Office Programs.

The + sign means ‘and’, so you press the Ctrl key, hold that down and then hit the next key (I write this as when I was 1st shown this many years ago, I did press the Ctrl key, then the + key and then the letter which is usually shown in upper case so I had to hit the shift and the letter and then wondered why it didn’t work and how on earth it could be considered a shortcut anyway).

The Ctrl key can usually be found bottom left and/or right corners of most keyboards. The ‘F’ keys are along the top of the keyboard.

Shortcut Task
Ctrl + o To open a document
Ctrl + s To save a document, it opens the ‘save as’ box
Ctrl + c To copy anything once you have highlighted it
Ctrl + x To cut anything once you have highlighted it
Ctrl + v To paste whatever you have cut or copied
Ctrl + z Undo whatever you did last
Ctrl + y To redo whatever you did last
Ctrl + p To print, opens the print box
F7 Spelling and grammar check
F5 Find and replace
Alt + Tab This will scroll through all programs you have open


This is just a small taste of what you can do with just the keyboard. Whilst writing this I have been playing about and holding down keys and hitting others and discovered loads of things I didn’t know, like opening the find and replace box for instance. I hasten to add I’m not the trainer for this! Like most things, play around and you will learn. For a more structured approach you can attend one of our Introduction / Essentials training sessions for any of the Microsoft products.