Microsoft Excel: How To Name A Worksheet

When you are working in spreadsheets with multiple worksheets it is vital that you name them sensibly to ensure that you don’t get confused and waste time when navigating your spreadsheet.

As with all things in Excel GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) applies so anything that helps you work accurately in Excel is well worth doing. Excel contains a number of different methods of differing complexity to help ensure your accuracy (for example, data validation).

We teach all of these different data validation methods in Excel on the appropriate level course.

In Excel there are a couple of methods to rename your worksheets.


You can double click on the worksheet tab name, it will then highlight in black:

Renaming 1

When that happens you can then over type the name that you want it to be.


The other method is to right-click the tab, a pick-list appears and you can click ‘rename’ on that. That will then do the same black highlight and allow you to overtype the new name in.

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