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Excel Font Formatting

Working With Live Preview and Changing Fonts

When you want to format any fonts in Excel you can see in live preview what it will look like before to choose. Highlight the cells you want to change, click on the font button and the pick list will appear, just scroll over them and your selection will change to that style of font without doing anything else. When you have decided which style you want, click on the font name and your choice will be applied. This will also work for changing font size, font colour and cell fill colour.

live view

Changing Font Size

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you know the size of the font you want you can select it from the font size box. See picture below to see where.

font size

If you are unsure of the size you would like, next to the drop down font size box there are two letter A’s. One larger with an up arrow next to it and one slightly smaller with a down arrow next to it.  These buttons will change the font up and down one size each click. To change your font size, hightlight the cells and then either choose the font size from the drop down list or click on the relevant ‘A’ button until you reach the desired size.

In the event that you routinely use a certain type or size of text it is possible to have these are ‘pre-sets’ so that you don’t need to search for them each time you need them. There are a variety of ways to customise Excel to your requirements which our courses cover.

Changing the Appearance of Text

other font formatting

The picture above shows where you can do certain things:

  1. Make text bold
  2. Italicise text
  3. Underline
  4. Fill cell colour / change background colour
  5. Change font colour

Format Painter

This is the tool I probably use most out of the Office suite as it’s the same in all the programs.

Once you have formated a cell exactly how you want it, you can copy all of the formatting and add it to a different cell, the contents remain the same, it’s only the formatting that changes. Click on the cell and then right click, look for the box with the little paint brush symbol and click on it.

format painter

Your cursor will turn into a little cross with a paintbrush next to it, when you click onto a cell the formats will be added to that cell

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