Microsoft Outlook: How do I create a group email quickly in Outlook?

Creating a Contact Group allows you to email a specific group of people easily at any time. This guide will take you through how you can set up these Contact Groups in Outlook step-by-step.

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Keyboard Shortcut – Contact Group Dialog Box

To create a group email quickly in Outlook 2010.  On your keyboard hit the following keys together:


Ctrl, Shift and L


The Untitled Group Contact dialog box will open ready to create an email group.  This group of names will be saved in contacts and can then be used again whenever needed!

Screenshot showing the Contact Group dialog box


Create a name for this group so it’s quick to find again later. In this example I’m going to use “Work Friends”.

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Add Members To The Group

Now you have created your group, you need to add members. To do this you can use your contacts list, global address list or even create new members if you need to within this box using the new email contact option. Here I am highlighting how you can easily add members with the Add Members From Address Book feature. The screenshow below shows how you can get there step by step.

Screenshot highlighting how to navigative to add contacts from an address book


Once you have finished creating the group use the save and close option in the top left of the screen. This is vital for it to be saved.

Now you can create a very quick group email whenever you need to!

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Finding Your Group

If you open your Contacts Address Book, your new group can be found here! Here you can see it in “Work Friends”

You can now click on the email button in the communicate group on the home ribbon to email that group immediately!

Showing the new contact group where you can email them easily



Now you know how to quickly and effectively create groups for your contacts! Using these tools you can organise your whole contact list and make group emails quicker than before.

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