Business Booking Details

Payment Of Invoices

For bookings from established businesses, we do not require payment at the point of booking.

We will send you an invoice which you can submit to your accounts payable system.

Purchase Orders

If your employer uses a purchase order (P.O.) system to manage supplier invoices that is no problem.

  • If you already have a P.O. number when booking add it to the PO number box on the booking form, and we will include it on your invoice.
  • If you need an invoice to generate a P.O. number in your accounts system, please book the course as normal and add a note in the PO number box – to be provided
  • We will send you an invoice (without a P.O.) which you can use to generate a P.O..
  • We will then re-issue your invoice with your P.O. included when you provide us with it


You are not able to pay directly online at the time of booking, we issue an invoice for all bookings.

We accept payment either via direct bank transfer or card

Our invoices contain our bank details if you would like to pay by bank transfer and there is also information on how to pay by card.

Please note, if you are using a business card there is a surcharge of 2% to cover the payment processing charges.

Master administering a corporate Office 365 account on this 1 day Microsoft Office 365 training course.

This is a practical course that gets you hands-on trying things out. We make sure that no-one is left behind as there is plenty of time to ask questions.

By the time you finish, you’ll be comfortable administering an Office 365 account independently.

A Microsoft 365 administration course covering everything you need.
Plenty of one to one attention and time to ask questions.
Friendly expert trainers, small groups and a comfortable place to learn.

What Will I Learn?

This course covers everything you need to know to set up and manage a corporate Microsoft 365 account. 

From setup and configuration to pro-active troubleshooting, it will ensure that Office 365 runs smoothly for you.

You will learn how to:

  • Create and configure new user accounts and emails, subscriptions and teams
  • Create and manage SharePoint sites
  • Use the admin portal to manage Groups, Roles, Resources etc

Am I Ready For This Course?

This course is for people who will be administering a Microsoft Office 365 account. 

It assumes that you have very good IT knowledge and good knowledge of Office 365.

If you do not already have a working knowledge of Office 365 we would recommend that you start with our Introduction to Microsoft 365 course.

Course Details


Click on the sections below to see the full syllabus of this course.

  • Working with Users, Groups, Roles, Resources and Support
  • Registering domains in Microsoft 365
  • Domain admin tasks
  • Managing subscriptions
  • Guest users and external permissions for document sharing
  • Creating and managing email accounts
  • How and where Office 365 groups can be created and managed
  • Managing chat, meetings and file sharing in Teams
  • Installing the Teams app on desktop
  • Managing users storage allocation in OneDrive
  • Managing sharing of OneDrive documents outside your organisation
  • Creating and administering SharePoint sites
  • The different types of SharePoint sites – Hubs, comms etc
  • Site security – Controls for site users and groups

The Training Day

We include everything that you’ll need for a really productive, fun day’s training.

Our One Day Office365 courses from 9.30 am to approximately 4:30 pm.

We provide a relaxed but focused learning environment and some of the friendliest Office365 trainers you’ll find anywhere.

When you book a course with us we include everything that you need for a great day’s training.

Also, you’ll receive:

A full-colour manual which covers everything in the course.
Your course exercises so that you can practice at home.
A Certificate of Attendance.


Online Training Requirements

To attend this Office 365 course online, you will need:

Office 365 on a Windows PC with a camera, speakers & microphone
A stable internet connection capable of running Zoom
To be a confident computer user and able to use Zoom

If you have access to a second screen, we would encourage you to use it, as it improves the experience.