Sales Tips

Here are some tips to guide you to being a better sales person

Whatever you are selling, you need to sell it to yourself before you can sell it to anyone else.  If you are not sold on the product or service, then it will be difficult and an uphill battle to convince someone else to buy it. Also if you know the product or service and you are convinced by it then you are able to give a genuine review or own experience of the product or service.

Don’t complicate what you are about to say, there shouldn’t be any need to go off track and bombard the client with information they don’t need. Make sure to explain the concept as quickly, clearly and simply as possible. This will prevent the client getting confused about the product or service. Confusion does not lead to a Yes.

If you are presenting the product or service to the client, make sure it isn’t boring! Get excited about parts that you can make exciting; be passionate about the product or service. If you show excitement about something within the presentation then so will the client.

Answer the questions directly and clearly, don’t avoid the question by trying to change the subject. If you don’t know the answer, do not guess. You might not always be able to answer every question; the client may even be testing you already knowing what the answer is.

You need to know who your audience is, don’t go straight into a sales call not knowing anything about the company. You need to do your research and find out where exactly you can offer your product or services within the company. Find out who you should be talking to before calling, you may be about to call the wrong person.  This will come across as more professional as you have actually made an effort to learn about their company.

There is always room for improvement, don’t think that once you have made a few successful sales calls that you are the best and that they will always go that well. Most of the time one size doesn’t fit all, in other words you may need to use a different approach for different companies. You may even need to improve your sales skills for bigger more ‘difficult’ companies and make more effort to present your product or services.

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