Learn to use Photoshop’s most powerful tools on this Advanced Authorised Adobe Photoshop course, the topics covered in this training are really focused on people who are expert users, either because they know the product inside out, are experienced users or have taken some a lower level Photoshop course prior to this.

Become a Photoshop expert and understand how to work faster and produce more impactful images.

This is a hands-on course. There is plenty of time to experiment with the techniques you are being taught.

By the time you finish, you’ll be comfortable using all of Photoshop’s most powerful features independently.

✔ An advanced course that covers all of Photoshop’s advanced tools.
✔ Plenty of one-to-one attention and time to ask questions.
✔ Friendly, certified trainers, small groups and a comfortable place to learn.
✔ All the materials and extras that you’ll ever need.
✔ Ongoing support and help with any issues you have after the course.

What Will I Learn?

This Advanced Adobe Photoshop training course is for those who wish to take their skills to the next level.

This course involves working on multiple examples and exercises in a workshop environment.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have complete control of your images using levels, curves and advanced masking techniques.
  • Know how to precisely control the colour of any element of your image using advanced layer techniques.
  • Automate repetitive tasks using Photoshop actions.
  • Use creating painting tools to start creating images / areas of images completely from scratch.

Am I Ready for this Course?

This is an advanced course.

It is recommended that you have either attended our Introduction/ Intermediate Adobe Photoshop training course or have developed a good working knowledge of the topics covered in that course before you attend.

The Training Day

Our courses run from 9.30am to roughly 4.15pm with refreshments throughout the day and a break for a tasty, freshly prepared lunch.

We offer a fun, relaxed learning environment and comfortable, fully air-conditioned training facilities. We also have some of the nicest instructors on the planet.

Also, you’ll receive:

✔ A full-colour manual covering everything in the course so that you can recap.
✔ A USB stick for the course exercises to let you practise more in your own time.
✔ A Certificate of Attendance to show that you have been professionally trained.

  • Saving selections
  • Using clipping paths
  • Using the Quick Mask Mode
  • Refining Selection Edges

As an advanced Photoshop user, you will want to gain complete control over the appearance of your images. Photoshop allows you this control. This session walks you through the various routes by which you can achieve the effect that you want, whatever that effect might be.

The key topics trained include:

  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Using ˜replace colour’
  • Advanced masking methods
  • Examining the filters
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Creating popular effects

Layers are a key technique to allow you to rapidly add effects to images. This session shows you the most advanced layer techniques that Photoshop offers like pattern layers. These allow you to add a pattern to any part of your image, or using colour channels to precisely control the exact colour of any element of your image.

The key topics trained include:

  • Layer Perspective
  • Locking Transparency
  • Layer Masking
  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Clipping Layers Together
  • Understanding Smart Objects

Actions are a very useful tool. They allow you to automate repetitive tasks making your computer do the work for you. In this session, we’ll show you how to create an Action to automate your process and then how to record and run it. We’ll also cover how to process batches of images, rather than having to work individual image by individual image.

The key topics trained include:

  • Recording and using actions
  • Droplets
  • Batch processing
  • The file browser

Adobe Certification

We are an Adobe Authorised Training organisation.