Adobe Photoshop: How to use the Patch Tool

When you have a picture which has a few imperfections that you want to remove,  or you might just want to smooth an area out the Patch Tool can do this for you. This is a pretty basic Photoshop 101 and it is often the first thing people learn on any Photoshop course.

First you need to select the Patch Tool by right clicking the icon above the ‘Brush Tool’

photoshop - patch tool

Then you need to select the area you want to ‘Patch Up’ using your mouse.

photoshop - patch tool2

Now you can either drag the selected area over another part of the picture to replace it like this…

photoshop - patch tool 3

Or you can just press the ‘Delete’ button and press ‘OK’ in the box that appears, and the tool will remove the imperfection.

photoshop - patch tool 4

Now you’re imperfection will be patched up.

photoshop - patch tool 5

Now you have mastered this basic technque why not move onto something a little more complex like the grabber tool!