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Our Adobe Photoshop training courses will show you how to make the most of this incredible software.

Led by highly experienced Photoshop trainers with many years of industry experience, they are very hands-on and practical.

We make sure that you practise the techniques we teach you. That way you leave the course confident and ready to put them to use.

We offer training at our centres in GuildfordLondon and also at our client’s sites. Many client’s find it more convenient to ask us to come to their site to provide training.

We also provide private training for groups and individuals. This allows us to customise the course topics to your exact requirements and run it on a date that suits you.


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Course Approach

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These courses are focused on ensuring that we make you a faster and more efficient Photoshop user.

Whether you are a beginner tackling Photoshop for the first time, or a more advanced user, our courses are very practical. We believe that real skills are developed by using the techniques you have been taught to edit images and videos on your own.

Our exercises are carefully chosen to emphasise the key aspects of each lesson, and of course, our tutors are there to help if you’ve any questions.

Part of Photoshop’s attraction is that if offers a huge number of tools. As a consequence, some people find it difficult its menus difficult to navigate initially. Using the software ensures that you will be navigating Photoshop’s menu with ease by the end of your course.

As part of the Adobe suite of products Photoshop also works seamlessly with other Adobe products like InDesign and Illustrator.


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We run scheduled Photoshop courses at our training centres in London and Guildford.

We also frequently run private Photoshop courses at our client’s premises.

Our Guildford centre is in the Surrey Technology Centre, very close to the hospital.

Our London centre is very close to Bank and Monument tube stations, and a short walk from Liverpool St and Cannon Street overland stations.


Photoshop Versions

Photoshop is available by subscription either individually or as part of the Adobe Creative Suite. As it is part of the Creative Suite is works very well with Adobe InDesign and Adobe updates itself on an ongoing basis. Previous versions of the software

The Photoshop software now updates on an ongoing basis and is known as Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). Previous versions of the software were known as CS6, CS5 and so on.

In addition to a subscription to Photoshop there are also two other frequently used versions of the software. See here for more details.

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1. Photoshop Elements

Elements is a slimmed down version of Photoshop aimed at hobbyists rather than professionals. It does not offer all of Photoshop’s power and

It does not offer all of Photoshop’s power and functionality but many people find that it is more than sufficient for their needs.

It is significantly cheaper than the full version of Photoshop.

Photoshop Lightroom Logo

2. Photoshop Lightroom

Photoshop Lightroom is aimed specifically at photographers. It is also a streamlined version of Photoshop but with some specific photograph editing tools added.

Lightroom has specialised workflows and tools for photo editing and also handles files in a different way. More details can be found here.



What Is Photoshop Used For?

Photoshop is a graphics editing package which you can use to create and manipulate images. Anywhere that images are used it has a potential use. Industries as far apart as astronomy and medicine use it extensively, as well as everything in between.

Photoshop is a raster based image editing program. This means that it sees a picture as a huge grid of dots called pixels. However, it also uses vector methods (a more mathematics based representation of an image) for macro elements of an image like it’s layout and larger elements like text.

Photoshop offers a huge variety of potential edits to an electronic image. It also offers the ability to create images from a blank screen. As such the possibilities it offers are endless.

Typical edits that it is used to process are:

  • Resizing & Cropping. This is simply either reducing an image’s size of selecting only part of the whole image.
  • Restoration. Many photographs have small blotches and blemishes (for example from dust on a camera lens).  Photoshop can easily remove or reduce these blemishes using the colour from the surrounding area.
  • Graphics. Many simple computer graphics, like buttons, are created in Photoshop.
  • Background Removal. Often images are required without their background. Photoshop makes this very simple.
  • Combining Images. Combining images is something Photoshop is especially good at doing.

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