SQL Server Training

Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft’s relational database product. It is widely used and allows businesses from SME’s all the way up to international organisations to store, manage and retrieve their data.

There are a variety of versions of SQL server available.  The mainstream versions are SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016.

We offer training at our centres in GuildfordLondonManchester and also at our client’s sites. Many client’s find it more convenient to ask us to come to their site to provide training.

Course Approach

Our courses are run by expert SQL Server trainers who have years of experience using MS SQL Server.  This course is designed to make you a faster more confident SQL Server user and includes both classroom learning and explanations with numerous exercises. The exercises serve to solidify your learning as they ensure that you get hands-on practice of using the  techniques that you are being taught. This means that you will return to work as a more confident SQL Server user. 


Our main training centres are in Guildford and London.

We also frequently provide onsite training at our customer’s premises. 

Uses of SQL Server

SQL Server was developed by Microsoft and is a relational Database management system.  A SQL Server’s primary function is to rapidly store and retrieve large amounts of data, whether that information is stored on that particular machine or elsewhere.

SQL Server contains a large number of additional or add-on services which are extremely useful when managing and manipulating large amounts of data. The principle ones are:

SQL Server Analysis Services “SSAS”

This is designed for much improved and more rapid data analysis. It allows for the use of algorithms when analysing data.

SQL Server Reporting Services “SSRS”

Focused on allowing the rapid production of reports from data stored in a SQL database, SSRS is a web interface which allows for the output of reports into Excel, PDF, JPEG and other frequently used formats.

SQL Server Replication Services

The replication services add-on manages the replication and synchronisation of databases. It can offer three types of replication – transaction replication, merge replication and snapshot replication.

Background and Overview

Microsoft has created multiple versions of Microsoft SQL Server in order to target different customer segments.


This is a free scaled down version of SQL Server.SQL Server Express can only use one processor, 10GB database files and 1GB of RAM and so it’s uses are limited. 


This version of SQL Server includes standalone services as well as the core database. The difference is the scale of the data that it can manage. It is can use 4 processors, 64 GB of RAM and 524 PB of data. 


This SQL Server edition is optimised for large business use. It can use more powerful infrastructure again at 8 processors, 2TB of RAM and 524 PB of data. It can also offer distributed partitioned views. 


This is the ultimate version of SQL Server designed for big data centres managing very large volumes of data. It is able to support as much hardware and memory as it’s host operating system. 

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