MS Excel 2010 – Create a Custom Fill List

Most of Excel’s filling techniques come from pre-created, built-in lists. For example, the names of the months are stored in a list that is accessed when you attempt to fill a range based on the name of one of those months that is in the list. You can actually also create your own custom lists so that these too can be used for fill operations.

These are very easy to create, once you have found where to do it which is a bit hidden away.

  • Firstly type into a series of adjacent cells the information you want to be in the list. I am using first, second, third, etc. It doesn’t make any difference if you type it across or down.
  • Highlight the cells you have typed your list into
  • Click the ‘File’ tab
  • Click ‘Options’

custom fill 1

  •  Click ‘Advanced’
  • Scroll right down to ‘General’ where you will find ‘Edit custom lists’, click it and a new box will open

custom fill 2

custom fill 3

  • You will see an import button and next to that a range of cells, these are the cells you highlighted at the beginning. Click ‘Import’
  • You will now see the list shown as a custom list in the left-hand box and the list entries in the right-hand box. Click ‘OK’, this will take you back to the previous Excel options screen, click ‘ok’ there and you’re done.

This is covered in our Excel Essentials training. If you want to learn more like this contact us.

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