Excel Training – Important Tips to Take You to the Next Level

Microsoft Excel is still the most widely used spreadsheet program today and offers a host of features and capabilities of which many users still remain unaware. If your daily business activities require the use of Microsoft Excel, you may wish to consider taking a training course in order to maximize your productivity and effectiveness, saving you hours of time each week.
In the meantime here is the first in our series of important tips to take you to the next level in Excel:

1. Protecting your Excel worksheet.

This is a two-step process and by default, all cells in the excel worksheet are “locked.” The first step you need to take is to select the input cells that you want your end-user to be able to type in or edit and then “unlock” them. Next, you go to the Review tab on the Ribbon (in Excel 2007) and apply the Protection options that you want to set in place for the worksheet.
It’s a good idea to apply protection to any Excel worksheet that you wish to distribute to end-users who you would like to be able to interact with the data, but not to be able to change the formulas and formatting.

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