Excel – Editing In A Workbook

There are three ways you can edit data in Excel – overwrite, edit and delete.


This is the easiest way to change existing data. Click on the cell you want to change and just type and press enter. It will automatically replace the contents with the newly typed data.

Editing Data

To edit a cell either double click on it or press F2 on the keyboard. Excel will show you that the cell can be edited in the bottom left hand corner of the window.

When it is editable you either type directly into the cell or click on the cell contents bar above (see picture)


To save the changes press enter or click onto another cell.


Deleting Data

If you have a spreadsheet of figures with functions and formulas in it, you may want to check what other information in dependant on the data you want to delete before you delete it.

Select the cell you want to delete the contents from and click delete on the keyboard. This will purely delete the contents, all of the formatting will remain the same. You can do the same by right clicking the cell and selecting the ‘clear’ option.

To have a choice of what you would like to clear from a cell use this option.

In the editing group on the home tab there is a little eraser (rubber) icon with clear next to it. Click on that and you will get a drop down list of options.

clearing a cell


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