To inform how we teach our Excel training courses and find out more about how people are using Microsoft Excel in 2022 we have conducted some new, original research.

In January & February 2022 we polled 1,000 office workers who use computers across a wide variety of industries to understand things like:

  1. How good are they at using Microsoft Excel?
  2. How much of your working day do you spend using Excel?
  3. How often do you have problems when using Microsoft Excel?
  4. How do you solve Excel problems when you’re stuck?
  5. How often do you see Excel spreadsheets with mistakes in them?
  6. What is the cost of the biggest mistake you’ve seen made in a spreadsheet at work?

For full details of our sample size and methodology and data analysis, see the bottom of this article.

Key Takeaways: Excel User Facts & Statistics


– 38% of office workers’ time is spent using Excel.

– 18% of people spend more than 60% of their day working in Excel

–  12% of spreadsheets contain serious errors.

At 3% of firms, people estimated that more than 50% of spreadsheets contained errors.

– Only 48% of people have ever received any formal Excel training.

– More than half of people are self-taught Microsoft Excel users. 

– 37% of the people who spend >50% of their day working in Excel have never had any formal training.

– People need help from colleagues twice per week with an Excel issue.

– 13% of people need Excel help from colleagues daily.

– The average Excel problem takes 8 1/2 minutes to fix on average.

– Almost 1 in 10 (9%) of Excel problems take > 30 minutes to fix.

– 98% of people have seen an Excel error cost their employers’ money.

12% of people have seen an Excel mistake cost >£10,000

– 1% have seen a Excel error cost their employer more than £1m.

– 11% of people think they are Excel beginners, 57% intermediate users, 27% advanced users and 6% Excel experts.



Details Of Our Excel Spreadsheet Facts & Statistics Research

We will be laying out the underlying research behind these Excel spreadsheet statistics in a series of blog posts.

As they are published in March and April 2022 we will add them to the list below.

  1. How Good Are People At Using Excel?
  2. How Many People Have Ever Had Formal Microsoft Excel Training?
  3. How Much Do People Use Excel At Work?







Microsoft Excel Facts & Statistics: Research Methodology

The research for these Excel statistics was carried out during January and February 2022 using Pollfish.

1,000 office workers who work at a computer between the ages of 18 and 65 were surveyed. The respondents were split evenly between males (53%) and females (47%).