Microsoft Office Word Training Tip 1: What are ‘Styles’ and how do you use them?

A ‘Style’ denotes the formats that are applied to a piece of text. The piece of text could be a paragraph or a heading. For example, a style could be called ‘Heading 1’ or ‘Heading 2’ or ‘Normal’.

Once a style is applied to a piece of text it can be easily modified and all text with that style is then updated. So, as you can imagine it is particularly effective and useful with long documents.

This is how to do it:

•Highlight your chosen piece of text – for instance, a heading.

•In your Home ribbon there is a ‘Styles’ group showing a gallery of styles.

•Point to your chosen style – ‘Heading 1’ for example – and Live Preview will automatically show your style on your highlighted piece of text. If you want to apply it to the heading, click on it.

•You can work through your document and apply the ‘Heading 1’ style. You can then select some more headings in the document and apply a different style, e.g. ‘Heading 2’.

•You might want to modify a style once you have applied it, e.g. the ‘Heading 1’ style.

•Click next to the relevant style anywhere in your document.

•Right click on the style you wish to modify in the style gallery – for example ‘Heading ‘1and select modify.

•Choose the formats you would like to use – for example Arial, 14, bold, red and underline.

•All the ‘Heading 1’s in your document are then updated.

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