Leadership Training: Avoid the worst kind of manager behaviour highlighted by CIPD survey

According to CIPD’s new research two of the worst attributes of bad managers are not taking responsibility and telling staff what to do rather than consulting them. A number of recent academic studies have suggested that there is a link between employee engagement and management behaviours, and in some reports line managers were even highlighted as one of the most important influences on engagement. In effect, this tells us what we already knew; that manager behaviour and skills have a significant effect on employees. So, it follows that improving line manager behaviour through effective training will increase or sustain the engagement of employees.

Why does employee engagement matter? Evidence suggests that employee engagement has a positive and significant effect on organisations. For example, as much as a 19% increase in operating income is apparent for organisations with high employee engagement, and other research indicates that organisations with employee engagement levels in the top quartile had revenue growth of 2.5 times that of organisations with engagement levels in the lowest quartile. So, what it boils down to is that training to encourage manager-to-employee engagement impacts positively on performance, productivity, profitability and safety, and, from an individual perspective, engaged employees are more likely to be more satisfied in both their life and job.

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