Acuity’s Authorised Adobe Illustrator training courses are led by industry professionals with many years of hands-on experience and so our Illustrator course trainers bring the training to life with real-life scenarios and examples.

The industry standard for all kinds of illustration work, Adobe Illustrator combines a wide range of sophisticated drawing tools and special effects. With only a basic knowledge of the software it is possible to design things that could only have been dreamed about a short time before. Easy and intuitive to learn, Illustrator will inspire your imagination. Finished work can be exported into Photoshop or a page-layout programme, or printed directly from Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator software defines the future of vector graphics with groundbreaking creative options and powerful tools for efficiently publishing artwork on the Web, in print, everywhere. Produce superb Web graphics using symbols and innovative slicing options. Explore creative ideas with live distortion tools. Publish in record time with dynamic data-driven graphics and other productivity features.

Once you have completed this course you will have the knowledge to be able to move on to the Advanced Illustrator training.

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This 2 day introductory Adobe Illustrator training course is designed to allow those new to Illustrator to become confident and competent users of the software and get the most from it.

The course is instructor-led with the emphasis on practical exercises and explores the full range of tools within the software.

The content of this training is in line with the Adobe Certified Expert exam and in conjunction with further modules would make you eligible for the full Adobe Certification qualification.

Our courses run from 9.30 am to approximately 4.30pm. While you are with us we are focused on offering you a relaxed and productive learning environment. When you book a course with us you get the following:
  • Soft copy of the official Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a book.
  • The exercises that you have worked on during your course to allow you to practice afterwards.
  • USB stick to take the exercises away.
  • Freshly prepared lunch.
  • Refreshments though out the day.
  • Training in fully air conditioned facilities from an experienced Illustrator instructor.

This course does not have any prerequisites however it assumes that you have a basic understanding of Windows, including an ability to work with multiple windows and navigate the desktop, as well as having an understanding of computer file storage (i.e. drives, files and folders).

  • The Illustrator window components
  • Exploring the Illustrator Interface.
  • Illustrator Palettes
  • Managing Files using Adobe Bridge
  • Using the Navigation Tools
  • The Adobe Help Centre
  • New Document Setup
  • Editing document setups
  • Creating new Documents
  • Creating and using shapes
  • Drawing Shapes Precisely
  • Manipulating shapes
  • Scaling Shapes
  • Duplicating Shapes
  • Aligning and Distributing shapes
  • Using shape mode commands
  • Using the pathfinder palette to create compound shapes
  • Grouping shapes
  • Rotating shapes
  • Adjusting stacking order
  • Exporting illustrations in different file formats
  • Adding Metadata to Illustrator files
  • Mixing swatches using the swatch palette
  • Saving Swatch Libraries
  • Loading swatch Libraries e.g. pantones, tricolour, Custom.
  • Adding swatches from a spot colour library
  • Applying colour to Illustrations
  • Exploring the colour palette
  • Storing colours
  • Creating and using spot colours
  • Applying colour to strokes and Fills
  • Modifying Stroke items
  • Aligning Stroke options
  • Using the Eyedropper tool
  • Drawing Paths
  • Locking and Unlocking Items
  • Using the pen tool to create paths
  • Using the Pencil and smooth tools
  • Creating Complex paths
  • Selecting and editing paths
  • Understanding anchor points
  • Editing Anchor Points
  • Cutting paths using the knife and Scissors
  • Creating text
  • Importing Text
  • Altering text
  • Using the area type tool
  • Creating type on a path
  • Position type on a path
  • Converting text to outlines
  • Creating a new layer
  • Adjusting the layer stacking order
  • Hiding and locking layers
  • Organising layer contents
  • Creating duplicate layers
  • Working with gradients
  • Creating a basic gradient
  • Adjusting gradients
  • Using transparencies
  • Preparing a document for print
  • Understanding print settings
  • Creating an exportable file
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Course duration: 2 days

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