Master the basics of Illustrator on this fast, fun 2 day introduction to Illustrator training course

Our Adobe trainers will quickly get you using Illustrator confidently and share lots of tricks of the trade that they’ve learned over the years.

By the time you finish, you’ll be comfortable using a wide range of Illustrator’s tools.

A complete beginners’ course that covers all of the basics.
Plenty of one-to-one attention and time to ask questions.
Friendly certified trainers, small groups and a comfortable place to learn.

What Will I Learn?

This course is the quickest way to become a fast, confident Illustrator user.

With plenty of practice to consolidate what you learn, you’ll be up to speed in no time. The content of this training is in line with the Adobe Certified Expert exam.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Save time by using adjustable strokes, Image Trace and LivePaint.
  • Create stunning images and effects using layers, gradients and transparency.
  • Precisely create the effect that you want on any text or shape.


Want to see one of our trainers give a taster on what you’ll cover?

The Trainer

Our usual trainer for this course is Paul. He has been training people to use layout and graphic design packages for over 30 years.

He started his career working as a graphic designer. Then in 1989 he was asked to help train people use Aldus Pagemaker and CorelDraw and the rest is history.

He has focused on training Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator for the last 15 years.

  • The Illustrator window components
  • Exploring the Illustrator Interface.
  • Illustrator Palettes
  • Managing Files using Adobe Bridge
  • Using the Navigation Tools
  • The Adobe Help Centre
  • New Document Setup
  • Editing document setups
  • Creating new Documents
  • Creating and using shapes
  • Drawing Shapes Precisely
  • Manipulating shapes
  • Scaling Shapes
  • Duplicating Shapes
  • Aligning and Distributing shapes
  • Using shape mode commands
  • Using the pathfinder palette to create compound shapes
  • Grouping shapes
  • Rotating shapes
  • Adjusting stacking order
  • Exporting illustrations in different file formats
  • Adding Metadata to Illustrator files
  • Mixing swatches using the swatch palette
  • Saving Swatch Libraries
  • Loading swatch Libraries e.g. pantones, tricolour, Custom.
  • Adding swatches from a spot colour library
  • Applying colour to Illustrations
  • Exploring the colour palette
  • Storing colours
  • Creating and using spot colours
  • Applying colour to strokes and Fills
  • Modifying Stroke items
  • Aligning Stroke options
  • Using the Eyedropper tool
  • Drawing Paths
  • Locking and Unlocking Items
  • Using the pen tool to create paths
  • Using the Pencil and smooth tools
  • Creating Complex paths
  • Selecting and editing paths
  • Understanding Anchor Points
  • Editing Anchor Points
  • Cutting paths using the knife and Scissors
  • Creating text
  • Importing Text
  • Altering text
  • Using the area type tool
  • Creating type on a path
  • Position type on a path
  • Converting text to outlines
  • Creating a new layer
  • Adjusting the layer stacking order
  • Hiding and locking layers
  • Organising layer contents
  • Creating duplicate layers
  • Working with gradients
  • Creating a basic gradient
  • Adjusting gradients
  • Using transparencies
  • Preparing a document for print
  • Understanding print settings
  • Creating an exportable file

Am I Ready For This Course?

This is a beginners’ course. You don’t need previous experience with Illustrator to attend it.

So long as you have a reasonable understanding of Windows, and the ability to work with multiple windows, navigate the desktop and an understanding of computer file storage (i.e. drives, files and folders) you’ll be absolutely fine.

On The Day

We provide everything you’ll need for a busy 2 days of Illustrator training.

Our courses run from 9.30 am to roughly 4.30 pm with refreshments throughout the day and a break for lunch.

We offer a relaxed, fun learning environment and comfortable, fully air-conditioned facilities. We also have some of the nicest instructors on the planet!

Also, you’ll receive:

A full-colour manual covering everything in the course.
A USB stick for the course exercises to let you practise more in your own time.
A Certificate of Attendance.

Online Training Requirements

To attend this Adobe Illustrator course online, you will need:

Illustrator on your Windows PC/laptop with a camera, speakers & microphone
A stable internet connection capable of running Zoom
To be a confident computer user and able to use Zoom to attend the course

If you have access to a second screen, we would encourage you to use it as it improves the experience.