This Authorised Adobe Captivate training course will show you how to make the most of this powerful eLearninng authoring tool. Adobe Captivate is authoring software for creating and maintaining interactive eLearning content. It can also be used for screencasts, podcasts, and the conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to the Adobe Flash format.

This is a hands-on training course which involves working on multiple exercises to ensure that you return to work as a faster, more capable Captivate user. Your trainer will be with you while you work on the exercises to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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This course is instructor led, involving the utilisation of examples and exercises in a workshop environment. Led by highly experienced Adobe Captivate trainers with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with lots of practical Captivate experience as well as useful tips and tricks.

  • Planning eLearning Projects
  • Explore the Captivate Interface
  • Create and Manage Workspaces
  • Preview a Project
  • Use the Zoom Features
  • Rehearse a Script
  • Edit Recording Settings
  • Set Recording Keys
  • Record a Demonstration
  • Record an Assessment
  • Record a Training Simulation
  • Record a Custom Simulation
  • Duplicate a Slide and Hide the Mouse
  • Insert, Resize and Move Text CaptionsModify Text Caption Properties
  • Edit the Default Caption Style
  • Reset an Object Style
  • Change an Object’s Position & Size
  • View the Timeline
  • Change a Slide’s Display Time
  • Use the Timeline to Set Object Display Times
  • Show/Hide Timeline Objects
  • Use the Properties Panel to Control Timing
  • Set Mouse Properties
  • Check Spelling
  • Align Slide Objects
  • Change Slide Background Quality
  • Insert and Delete Slides
  • Insert an Image
  • Set Image Size & Slide Position
  • Use the Library
  • Manage Unused Project Assets
  • Crop An Image
  • Create an Image Watermark
  • Control Image Timing and Transition
  • Work With Image Stacks
  • Add a Visual Click and Sound
  • Draw a Line
  • Modify the Mouse Pointer
  • Edit Slide and Object Display Times
  • Insert a Text Button
  • Set a Button’s Timing and Options
  • Work with Image Buttons
  • Insert and Format a Highlight Box
  • Insert a Rollover Caption
  • Insert a Rollover Image
  • Insert a Zoom Area
  • Insert and Format a Rollover Slidelet
  • Format the Rollover Area
  • Add a Caption and Image to a Rollover Area
  • Add Audio to a Slide Object
  • Add Background Audio
  • Add a Slide Note
  • Calibrate a Microphone
  • Record a Narration
  • Import Voice Narrations
  • Edit an Audio File
  • Insert Silence
  • Convert Text-to-Speech
  • Insert Flash Video
  • Set Flash Video Properties
  • Add Animation to a Slide
  • Insert Text Animation
  • Apply a Fly-In Effect to a Text Caption
  • Apply a ZigZag Motion Path
  • Hide the Mouse
  • Replace Phrases
  • Insert a Click Box
  • Insert a Text Entry Box
  • Edit Quizzing Object Styles
  • Set the Quiz Preferences
  • Insert Question Slides
  • Format a Question Slide
  • Add an Image to a Question Slide
  • Paste as Background
  • Link to a Web Site
  • Apply a Skin
  • Edit and Save a Skin
  • Delete a Skin
  • Create a TOC
  • Add a Loading Screen
  • Publish a Flash (SWF)
  • Publish Word Handouts
  • Export Captions
  • Perform a “Round Trip”
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This course is run by arrangement for private groups and 1-2-1 sessions.

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