Resilience Training – Working Effectively Under Pressure

This resilience training course will allow you to achieve your goals and objectives despite being under significant pressure.

This one day training course will teach you how to recognise and manage stress levels in yourself and others and come away with techniques to reduce stress and create a productive and focused environment.

The exercises will be practical and will show you how to use techniques to build resilience and handle stressful situations.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Recognise what is positive stress and what is negative stress
  • Recognise the signs of when stress can cause illness
  • Use techniques to gain resilience
  • Tips on how to reduce stress levels
  • Change stressful situations into positive ones
  • Discuss the type of situations that cause stress
  • How our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour can build resilience to stress
  • What happens to our mind and body when we overload it with stress and how to protect ourselves?
  • Use techniques to show how to reduce stress levels and build resilience