Our core professional development courses are run be highly experienced trainers with years of training and commercial experience. During these courses they will use a number of real-life scenarios and examples to maximise the day-to-day impact that these courses will have on your work performance and interpersonal skills.

We run scheduled courses at our training centres in Guildford and London.

We also run courses at our clients sites and at our centre in Manchester. If you choose a custom course that allows us to completely customise the content for you and run the course on a day to suit you.

Not sure about something? Please call us we're more than happy to help.

Customised Assertiveness Training

1 day

Some people who struggle to be assertive find group classes a daunting experience.

For these people a short, focused assertiveness course tailored to their exact needs is the best way to address this issue.

Communicate Your Message Assertively

1 day

Assertiveness is a learned skill. It does not come naturally to most people.

Being able to communicate assertively is a huge benefit.

This one day course will show you how to assert yourself and make sure that your needs and wants are heard and understood by others.

Customer Service

1 day

Good customer service isn’t just for sales and customer support reps.

Effectively handling both internal and external customers is an essential skill for all customer facing staff, at all levels.

This one day course will give you a firm foundation in the basics which you can take away and build on.

Minute Taking

1 day

Producing accurate, easy-to-understand minutes is vital to an organisation’s decision-making and management processes.

Few people are trained in this despite the difference that it can make to business’s performance and follow through.

This course will show you how to quickly and calmly retain the major discussion points and actions for your minutes, without drowning in the detail.

Resilience Training

1 day

Constant pressure is a fact of everyday working life these days. This can be compounded by tight deadlines and large projects.

Chronic stress leads to a vicious circle. Stress leading to a lack of focus and clear decision making which in turn reduces productivity and leads to increased feelings of stress.

This resilience course will show you how to manage your stress and keep focused on your key goals despite being under significant pressure.

Speed Reading Training

1 day

Increase your reading speed while retaining more information than you used to.

The ability to read and process large amounts of information is more important than ever as more and more information is distributed within organisations.

This course will lead you through the key techniques of increasing your reading speed (upto 200% in some cases) so that you leave a far faster, more accurate reader.

Train The Trainer

1 day

Being technically able to complete a task and able to teach others to complete that task are completely different skill sets.

This course is for people who are technically competent but keen to learn how best to teach others the skills that they have.

Training Course Approach

Our professional development courses are carefully designed to have a real, lasting impact on your workplace interpersonal skills.

Our courses are very interactive and involve you taking part in a number of practical role plays through out the day. We believe that practical skills are only developed through practice. Through the use of exercises specifically designed to reinforce the key learning points from a particular session we ensure that you spend plenty of time using the skills that we are being taught.

Our instructors are on hand through out to give guidance and answer any questions that you might have.


We have centres in London and Guildford where we run our scheduled core professional development courses.

Our London centre is on King William Street, in the heart of the City of London. It is a short walk from Bank, Tower Hill and Cannon Street tube stations. Liverpool Street, Cannon Street and Fenchurch Street overland stations are also very close.

We run custom courses are our Manchester centre and at our clients' sites.

Our Manchester centre is in the centre of Manchester. It is only a short walk from Oxford Street and Piccadilly overland stations.

Why Are These Skills So Important?

All of us work in teams and interact with people multiple times per day.

The ability to manage and influence these interactions so that they are positive and productive is what our training is all about.

If people don’t clearly understand what you are saying then you will get nowhere.

Our courses will help you master key skills like:

How you are perceived by others, and how to manage that impression
How to manage your response to others and ensure that it is clear and professional
Establishing clear boundaries and learning to say ‘No’
Establishing rapport rapidly and dealing with conflict and difficult people


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us.


We provide everything that you will need for your course.

You will also receive your own A4 full-colour manual.

We also provide refreshments and biscuits through the day and a delicious lunch.


Please wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

Most people attending our courses wearing casual clothing.


We will provide you with an individual certificate of attendance to demonstrate that you have completed the course.


That’s no problem.

Please give us as much notice as possible and we will let our caterers know.


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