Minute Taking Training Course

Producing accurate, easy-to-understand minutes is vital to an organisation’s decision making process. Without training, minutes may be too scanty or too comprehensive, unclear and disjointed, or fall short of accurately reporting the meeting and the actions to be taken.

This practical one day minute taking training course takes delegates step-by-step through the process of meeting preparation, active listening and note-taking to the final production of the minutes.

By the end of this minute taking course participants will understand the importance of taking minutes that are appropriate to the type of meeting, thus making effective use of both their time and that of the meeting attendees. This will be achieved through practical minute taking exercises and the use of the delegates’ real life examples. As a result, it is important that delegates bring along copies of minutes they have produced or details of meetings for which they will be taking minutes (and if possible examples of previous minutes from these). These examples will be used as the basis of the examples for the course.

There are no prerequisites for this minute taking training course as it is aimed at individuals who have no prior experience. The course can be tailored to suit participants with differing levels of experience.

  • Understanding the purpose of the meeting
  • The type of meeting
  • The meeting agenda
  • The purpose and value of notes or minutes
  • Notifying participants/arranging the meeting
  • Working with the chair and meeting participants
  • Meeting roles and dynamics
  • Helping to keep to time
  • Developing listening skills
  • What to record – the important vs. the irrelevant
  • Who needs to know what
  • Achieving accuracy, brevity and clarity
  • Using the appropriate structure and style
  • Efficient use of your time and the attendees
  • How to present the information to the best effect
  • Delegates’ plan of how they will apply the skills and knowledge gained in the course when they return to the workplace.