How to add a Slide Transition in PowerPoint

If your presentation is looking a bit dull and you want to liven up the way your slides change. Then here is a little tip on How to add a Slide Transition in PowerPoint.

First click on the Slide you want to add a Transition to.

Then click on the ‘Transitions’ tab and using the drop down arrow you can choose from many different transitions.

You can go for something simple in the ‘Subtle’ options or you can be different and go for something in the ‘Exciting’ options.

How to add a Slide Transition

Here there is also a ‘Timing’ Section where you can change the sound that your slide makes and the duration of the transition.

How to add a slide transition in powerpoint

This process will only assign the transition chosen to the slide you have selected, you will need to repeat this process to add a different transition to each slide.


Alternatively to save time, you can just click on each slide whilst holding the ‘Ctrl’ key to highlight them all and assign the same transition to every slide.

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