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Different ways to Print your PowerPoint Presentation

Here is a quick tip on how to Print your PowerPoint Presentation in different layouts. It is pretty simple but handy too, all you need to do is go to the ‘File’ tab and click on ‘Print’ Then under ‘Settings’ you will see a section that says ‘Full Page Slides’ click on that section.

Different ways to Print your PowerPoint Presentation

You will then see many different printing options. You can choose to print your presentation with the notes at the bottom, or even print your presentation as a Handout.

Once you have selected the option you want to print then you can go ahead and click ‘Print’. While that will get you started if you want to become an expert you probably want to look at one of our Powerpoint training courses

If you want to learn more about PowerPoint, then take a look at courses which run monthly in London and Guildford. If you just want to do some reading and further your basic knowledge take a look at our blog posts on how to work with outline view or zoom using a mouse.