Learn to use Premiere Pro’s most powerful tools on this 2 day Advanced Premiere Pro course.

This is a hands-on course. We make sure it includes lots of time for you to experiment with the techniques you are being taught.

By the time you finish, you’ll be comfortable using all of Premiere Pro’s most powerful features.

An advanced course that covers all of Premiere Pro’s most technical tools.
Plenty of one-to-one attention and time to ask questions.
Friendly, certified trainers, small groups and a comfortable place to learn.

What Will I Learn?

This course will turn you into a Premiere Pro power user.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Edit your project so that it is ready to be broadcast.
  • Work with Photoshop and After Effects
  • Use advanced masking and colour correction techniques
  • Work with Audition so that your audio is note-perfect.

Course Details


Please click on each section below in order to see the full course syllabus.

  • Using the trim view
  • Slip, slide and rolling edit tools
  • Match frames
  • Using nested timelines or sequences
  • Using keys
  • Using matte keys
  • Garbage mattes
  • Colour mattes
  • Track mattes
  • Advanced transitions
  • Audio editing
  • Animation
  • Importing layers as a sequence
  • Alpha channels
  • Updating PS files
  • Using After Effects to work on Premiere Pro projects
  • Non-destructive integration
  • An overview of how you can use Audition to edit the audio of your Premiere Pro project.
  • Creating a new reference monitor window
  • Working with the gang to reference monitor feature
  • Using a colour scope
  • Using 3 point colour correction and colour match
  • Using sequence markers
  • Adding chapter information
  • Encoding using Adobe Media Encoder

This session is flexible and will vary depending on recent developments in Premiere Pro, and what delegates would like to look at.

It will cover issues like changes to the workspace and interface and also Premiere Pro’s AI tools.

Am I Ready For This Course?

This is an advanced course designed for people who already have experience of using Premiere Pro.

This course is designed for delegates who have attended our Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro training course, or who have equivalent working knowledge of the package from their day-to-day work.

On The Day

We provide everything you need for 2 really productive, engaging days of Premiere Pro training.

Our courses run from 9.30 am to roughly 4.30 pm with refreshments throughout the day and a break for a tasty, freshly prepared lunch.

We offer a fun, supportive learning environment and comfortable, fully air-conditioned facilities. We also have some of the nicest instructors on the planet.

Also, you’ll receive:

✔ A full-colour A4 manual covering everything in the course
✔ A USB stick for the course exercises to let you practise more in your own time
✔ A Certificate of Attendance

Online Training Requirements

To attend this Premiere Pro course online, you will need:

Premiere Pro on your Windows PC/laptop with a camera, speakers & microphone
A stable internet connection capable of running Zoom
To be a confident computer user and able to use Zoom to attend the course

If you have access to a second screen, we would encourage you to use it as it improves the experience.