Finding work after Redundancy tips

Redundancy can shatter your confidence and bring on a lot of emotions; upset, rage, depression,  frustration, it can literally seem like a nightmare; here are some tips to help you cope with Redundancy.

– First things first don’t panic and know your rights. If you have been in employment for two continuous years, you are more than likely eligible for redundancy pay and maybe even lack of notice pay. So make sure you do your research. Moving on would be your first priority, but you would be silly not to claim the money your entitled to.

– Remember that this is not your fault. Don’t take redundancy personally; they have made your job redundant, not you. Instead of getting angry with the company, leave with your head held high and keep your dignity. It’s time to turn the negative into a positive.

– Obviously now you probably want to look for a new job, first things first, you need to make sure your CV is up to date and full of goodness. Look to your personal record and reviews and see what your recent company believes your strengths are, and make sure these are on your CV.

– Start using your contacts. Throughout your employment, you are bound to have met people along the way. If you don’t already have these people as contacts, get them! Once you’ve gathered your contacts and created a network for yourself, explain what has happened. Put yourself out there and see if anyone would be interested in employing your services.

– It’s easy to be embarrassed when you have been made redundant, but you shouldn’t be! Employers and recruiters would much rather employ someone who has been made redundant rather than someone who has lost their job, so be honest about it.

– Now is the time to welcome change. Just because there isn’t a position that describes what you’ve just been doing doesn’t been you cant find a job. Why not go for something different? Something you have always dreamed of doing but maybe couldn’t do because you were stuck in your recent job? This might be the big break you need to follow your true career.

 If you found these tips helpful and you want to learn more then take a look at our Finding Work After Redundancy Course

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