This Microsoft Outlook training course will teach you the essential skills of using Outlook for sending and receiving email, scheduling and important record keeping.

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful organisational tool that can be used by an individual or by a team wishing to share resources. It not only sends and receives email, but can schedule events such as online conferences.  Learning to make the most of this powerful and popular tool can make a significant impact on your staff productivity.

This course is instructor led, and involves working on a number of practical, hands on examples and exercises in a workshop environment. Led by highly experienced Microsoft Outlook trainers with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with lots of practical Outlook experience as well as useful tips and tricks.

Once you have completed this training you will be fully equipped to attend the Advanced Outlook training

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By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use the mail facility of Outlook to send and receive email messages
  • Access the Calendar to schedule appointments, invite attendees to meetings and modify dates and times
  • Maintain the Address Book (Contacts folder) for mail contacts
  • Create custom distribution lists
  • Create electronic notes
  • Work with Tasks to schedule work and reminders


It is recommended that students have experience with the underlying operating system, i.e., an ability to navigate the environment using a mouse and keyboard plus an understanding of computer file storage. Knowledge of other MS applications would be beneficial.

Our courses run from 9.30 am to approximately 4.15pm. While you are with us we are focused on offering you a relaxed and productive learning environment. When you book a course with us you get the following:

  • A full colour training manual/book.
  • The exercises that you have worked on during your course to allow you to practice afterwards.
  • USB stick to take the exercises away.
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Freshly prepared lunch.
  • Refreshments throughout the day.
  • Training in fully air conditioned facilities from an experienced instructor.
  • How Email Works
  • Email Addresses
  • The Benefits of Email
  • Email Etiquette
  • Emails and Viruses
  • Digital Signatures
  • Understanding Outlook
  • Common OutlookScreen Elements
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Using Ribbon KeyTips
  • Showing and Collapsing the Ribbon
  • Understanding the Backstage View
  • Accessing the Backstage View
  • Understanding the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Adding Commands to the QAT
  • Navigating to Outlook Features
  • Sneaking a Peek
  • The Folder Pane
  • The to Do Bar
  • The Mail Screen
  • The Calendar Screen
  • The People Screen
  • The Tasks Screen
  • The Notes Screen
  • The Outlook Today Screen
  • Exiting Outlook
  • Email in Outlook
  • How Outlook Mail Works
  • Composing an Email Message
  • The Message Window
  • Creating a New Message
  • Checking the Spelling
  • Adding an Attachment to a Message
  • Adding Importance
  • Requesting Message Receipts
  • Sending the Message
  • Creating an AutoSignature
  • Using an AutoSignature
  • Removing an AutoSignature
  • Sending a Courtesy Copy
  • Sending a Blind Copy
  • Understanding the Inbox
  • Retrieving Email
  • Opening an Outlook Data File
  • Adjusting the Message View
  • Previewing Messages
  • Arranging Messages
  • Reading Messages
  • Opening Several Messages
  • Understanding Conversation View
  • Navigating Messages in a Conversation
  • Replying to a Message
  • Replying to a Message in a Conversation
  • Replying to All Messages
  • Replying Without the Original Message
  • Adding Comments to Replies
  • Getting Replies Sent to Another Address
  • Forwarding Messages
  • Finding Related Messages
  • Ignoring Conversations
  • Marking Messages as Unread
  • Understanding File Attachments
  • Inserting a File Attachment
  • Attaching Other Outlook Items
  • Previewing Attachments
  • Saving a File Attachment
  • Opening a File Attachment
  • About Flags and Reminders
  • Flagging Messages in the Message List
  • Sending a Message With a Flag
  • Adding a Reminder to Your Messages
  • Changing the Default Quick Click Flag
  • Removing a Flag
  • Spamming and Junk Email
  • Phishing and Junk Email
  • Understanding Junk Email Options
  • Marking Messages as Junk Mail
  • Marking Messages as Safe
  • Managing the Senders Lists
  • Importing a Blocked Senders List
  • Exporting a Blocked Senders List
  • Deleting Junk Email
  • Accessing the Calendar
  • Changing the Calendar Arrangement
  • Displaying Specific Dates
  • Navigating Within a Calendar
  • Changing the Current View
  • Creating a Second Time Zone
  • Removing a Time Zone
  • Creating a New Calendar
  • Working With Multiple Calendars
  • Deleting a Calendar
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Understanding the Weather Bar
  • Understanding People View
  • Understanding the Contact Form
  • Viewing Your Contacts
  • Creating a New Contact
  • Entering Contact Details
  • Editing Contact Details
  • Inserting a Contact Picture
  • Adding Contacts to an Existing Company
  • Printing Contact Details
  • Deleting an Unwanted Contact
  • Recovering a Deleted Contact
  • Tasks and the To-Do List
  • Creating Tasks
  • Changing Task Views
  • Sorting Tasks
  • Working With Tasks
  • Deleting Tasks
  • Printing a Task List
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This course is run by arrangement for private groups and 1-2-1 sessions.

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