Personalised coaching is the perfect way to work on specific areas of your leadership skills.

Private coaching allows us to provide you with a completely customised workshop which is built to drive lasting change in the areas that you need most help with.

We have delivered customised workshops across our full range of scheduled courses – from public speaking and presentations to time management and minute taking.



Whether for an individual or a group, these sessions are tailor made for each client. Their focus is on long-term behaviour change, not ‘flash in the pan’ enthusiasm.

Before a workshop, we would work with you to be sure that we clearly understand your desired outcomes and audience.

Once we understand what you want we design the workshop to ensure that it is tailored for maximum impact with the audience.

These workshops can be delivered as individual sessions or as an ongoing series at your offices or one of our training centres.

Covid Measures

• Maximum number of delegates who can attend has been reduced to 4 or 5 depending on location
• Temperature checks on arrival
• Desk distancing complies with guidelines
• Hand sanitising on arrival
• Facemasks available
• In the training room, all training equipment and furniture are sanitised thoroughly after use
• Stationery used by the delegates during training will be disposed of at the end of the day if delegates choose not to take it with them
• The building cleaning staff regularly disinfect all doors, handles, stair handrails, etc.