Leadership That Produces Results – 2 Days

Successful organisations have strong leaders, with vision, confidence, experience and a proven skill set. They inspire the commitment and dedication of those around them and help galvanise the team to achieve the organizational objectives. These key leadership skills can be developed and the strongest teams recognise and foster the leadership potential in all their members to create a results-driven, high achieving and supportive environment.

Our 2-day leadership training programme goes straight to the heart of leadership, identifying the key components for success and providing you with proven tools to apply immediately in the workplace. Whether new to a leadership role or experienced, this course will enhance and refresh your skills and enable you to achieve real results.

Day 1 – Mastering Leadership

  • Recognise different leadership styles and expand your leadership repertoire
  • Initiate key leadership behaviours in self and others
  • Apply the ‘4 Ps’ of quality leadership
  • Develop your ability to inspire stakeholder engagement, commitment and trust
  • Empower and motivate through effective delegation and feedback
  • Develop ‘initiative leadership’


Day 2 – The Leader as an Effective Planner and Change Manager

  • Lead in difficult times
  • Tackle planning challenges
  • Apply proven project management tools
  • Plan to achieve a step change in quality improvement
  • Lead the team successfully through change
  • Key differences between management and leadership
  • The need for a repertoire of effective leadership styles
  • Building stakeholders’ commitment
  • Using delegation and motivation to empower
  • Leading in challenging times
  • Recognising and overcoming barriers
  • Core project management techniques
  • Quality improvement tools
  • Tackling resistance to change