Master the key skills required to lead a team effectively on this 1-day team leader training course

This course will ensure that you are properly equipped for your new role and become an effective team manager.

This fun, challenging and interactive one-day training course will give you the opportunity to explore your new role along with other people in the same situation.

You will leave armed with the skills you need and, most importantly, the confidence to use them.

By the end of this course you will have mastered:

  1. Being clear about goals and setting expectations for your team.
  2. Defining success both individually and also for your team members.
  3. Building a team that trusts you, enjoys working for you and has confidence in you.

On The Day

We include everything that you’ll need for a really productive, fun day’s training.

Our team leader courses run from 9.30 am to approximately 4.30 pm.

We provide a relaxed but focused learning environment and some of the friendliest team leadership trainers you’ll find anywhere.

When you book a course with us we include everything that you need for a great day’s training.

  • A full-colour training manual for you to keep.
  • Plenty of tea, coffee, and biscuits throughout the day
  • A comfortable, fully air-conditioned training centre.

This course runs in conjunction with our sister company, Development Academy, which is focused on professional development training.

Is This The Right Course?

Our team leader training is aimed at anyone who is struggling to manage a team, whether they have just stepped up into their first team management role or if they have been in post for a few years. 

To get the most from this course, we would encourage you to come with a shortlist of the biggest challenges that you are facing / will face in your new team leadership role.

We often get asked if this course will apply to people’s specific circumstances. The short answer is yes. This course gives you the tried and tested skills that you need as a team leader. The way that you use them will vary from situation to situation, but the tools and techniques remain exactly the same.

For example, the frequency with which you update goals and targets will vary by organisation. However, the way that you do this will remain the same. Similarly, all teams are different but the basics of goal setting remain the same no matter the size or make up of a team.

Team Leader Course Details

Download full course details Download full course details

Click on the sections below to see full details of the team leader course syllabus.

We begin by focusing on how you ensure that you can communicate clearly with your team.

  • Communicating effectively both one-to-one and with your team as a group.
  • Listening so that you really hear what your team members are telling you.
  • Why it is important that your behaviour matches your other communication and how to ensure this.

In this section, we look at how you plan for your new team management role.

Whether you are about to become a team leader or already in the role, this will make sure that you are clear about what your new responsibilities are and have a plan to deal with them and the inevitable issues that will arise.

  • Supervision, Leadership & Management. What are these roles? What are the differences between these roles? What responsibilities go with each of them?
  • The Transition. How you deal with the change from being a team member to a team leader.
  • How you will now need to organise yourself, your time and your priorities to ensure you are an effective team leader.

This section looks at how you communicate to your team what success looks like, both as a group and individually.

It then looks at how you help them to achieve that success.

It focuses on:

  • Expectations your team have of you.
  • Your expectations of your team.
  • Defining and measuring success.
  • Setting and measuring objectives and goals.
  • Taking responsibility and being proactive.

This section focuses on understanding what motivates you and your individual team members to achieve your goals.

It covers: :

  • Identifying your team’s strengths and minimising the impact of any weaknesses
  • Understanding different individual styles and how to manage and motivate them
  • Building each member of your team’s skills and capabilities
  • Ensuring your team are organised and effective in achieving goals and meeting targets
  • Giving feedback (positive and negative)
  • Dealing with difficult and under-performing members of your team appropriately

This is the final session of our team leaders course.

It is time set aside for you to work on your personal action plan and discuss it with us and the rest of the group.

This means that by the time you leave you will be 100% clear on exactly how you will implement what you’ve learned in your workplace.

While the tools and frameworks that we teach are universal, their exact application varies according to each specific situation.

We believe that helping you to work through that as you get to grips with being a team leader is critical to building your confidence.

Online Training Requirements

To attend this Team Leader course online, you will need:

Zoom on your Windows PC/laptop with a camera, speakers & microphone
A stable internet connection capable of running Zoom
To be a confident computer user and able to use Zoom to attend the course

If you have access to a second screen, we would encourage you to use it as it improves the experience.