Our leadership training courses are focused on having a real, practical impact on your leadership skills. Our experienced trainers include real-life scenarios and exercises in these courses to maximise their impact.

We offer scheduled leadership training at our Guildford and London centres.

We also offer custom training at our clients' sites and our Manchester centre. Custom training allows us to tailer this training to your exact requirements and run the training on a day to suit you.

We're very happy to answer questions so please don't hesitate to call us if you aren't sure of anything.

Leadership That Produces Results

2 days

Successful organisations have strong leaders, with vision, confidence, experience and a proven skill set.

This course will explain to you the core principles of leadership to accelerate the development of your leadership skills.

It is not prescriptive. Everyone will develop their own particular leadership style. This course seeks to develop that style and underpin it with clear practical skills, not to change it in a particular way.

Chairing Meetings

1 day

Meetings are a vital part of today’s business environment. Successful meetings provide an essential forum for planning, debate, sharing information and decision-making.

Effectively chairing meetings to ensure that they are constructive and allow all participants to contribute without getting side tracked doesn’t come naturally to most people.

This course will give you a clear framework to ensure that future meetings that you chair are constructive and timely for all participants.

Personal Impact Training

1 day

Many studies suggest that you communicate more to others non-verbally than you do verbally.

There is no point speaking clearly and enthusiastically if your non-verbal communication is saying something quite different.

Learn to manage and control your body language and personal style to maximise your presence and the impact that you have.

What is Leadership?

“Leadership is doing the right things, management is doing things right”

Peter Drucker

There are many different definitions of leadership but at heart it involves:

1. Articulating a clear vision or goal
2. Inspiring a group of pepole or organisation to pursue that goal.
3. Ensuring that the relevant resources and structure are in place to enable the pursuit of the goal

Training Course Approach

Leadership is highly individual. Each of us will develop our own particular leadership style over time.

Many people do not realise how closely their behaviour will be scrutinised and mirrored by their team members.

To be an inspirational leader you need to ‘walk the walk’. It is not a case of saying the rights things. It is critical that you are seen to be doing the right things.

Our courses are carefully designed to make you a noticeably better leader.

We believe that real day-to-day skills are developed through practice and so these courses are deliberately hands-on.

They involve a number of roleplay scenarios that require you to implement the techniques that the instructor has shown you. This will allow you to leave the class confident of how to use the techniques that you have been taught, not just with theoretical ideas that you then need to figure out how to put into action.



We have centres in London and Guildford where we run scheduled leadership courses.

Our Guildford centre is very close to the Royal Surrey Hospital, in the Surrey Technology Centre.

Our London centre is conveniently located in the heart of the City of London, on King William Street. It is a very short walk from Bank, Tower Hill and Cannon Street tube stations. It is also a short walk from Liverpool Street, Fenchurch Street and Cannon Street overland stations.

We also frequently provide instruction at our clients’ offices and our Manchester centre.

Our Manchester centre is in the heart of Manchester. It is a short walk from Oxford Street and Piccadilly overland stations.


Please don’t hesitate to call us if you are unsure of anything.


We provide everything that you will need for your day of training.

You will get a full colour A4 manual to take home with you.

We also provide plenty of biscuits and refreshments throughout the day and a delicious lunch.

Whatever your are most comfortable in.

Most people wear casual clothing.


We will provide you with a certificate of attendance for your course at the end of your course.

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