The InDesign Tools Panel

This tutorial is going to show you all the different tools within the tool bar in InDesign. This first tool is the selection tool, you can use it to select objects such as pictures, text boxes and anything else you have in your document.




The next tool is like the selection tool but you can select just one little part of an object instead of the whole thing. This is handy if you wanted to select just the corner of a box.




The next tool is the Page tool and this will select the page.




The next tool is called the gap tool this will let you change the white space between two objects.




This next one is called the Content Collector tool and what it does is it will collect objects for rapid copying.




This tool is the Type tool and it will let you draw text frames, select text and type text.




The next tool is the line tool and all this does is draw lines.




After that comes the Pen tool and this can be used to draw lines and curves.




The next tool is like the Pen tool but slightly different it’s the Pencil tool. This will let you draw freehand lines and curves.




This tool is the Rectangle Frame tool and this will create a frame (containers) as a rectangle, polygon or Ellipse.




This is the Rectangle tool and this is used to create rectangles, polygons and ellipse.




This is called the scissor collector tool and it is used to split objects.




This next tool is the Free Transform tool and this is used to rotate, scale or shear an object .




This is the gradient tool and it sets the colour gradient of an object.




This is the Feather tool it’s a bit like the gradient tool but it will set the feathering gradient of an object.




This is the note tool and it creates notes associated with objects in the document.




This is the eyedropper and it picks up and transfers formats.




The hand tool will let you pick up and drag the page to navigate.




This is the zoom tool and it will let you zoom in or when used with the Alt button it zooms out.




This is the fill and stroke tool and it will let you change the colour and the colour of the boarder of an object. You can use the small double ended arrow to change the fill (colour) to the stroke (border) colour of an object.




This is the formatting effects and this will let you swap between formatting a container or text.




This tool is called apply none, this will add or remove colours or gradients from an object.




This is the normal view tool and it will display the document with the pasteboard.




Some tools will have a little arrow in the bottom right corner of their icon this means a drop down list will appear with a couple more tools similar to the one you clicked. I will explain some of the tools in further detail so please come back to read more about Indesign.