Presentation Tips

Whether it’s your monthly meeting, new employees who need training or if you’ve been asked to speak about your expertise in a conference, presentations can be scary. All you can ask yourself is what if I mess up? What if I forget something? What if the audience don’t like my presentation?

All of these questions and maybe many more will more than likely be going through your head, but you’re not the only one. Presentations can be daunting, so here are some tips to help you improve your presentation skills.

Ensuring that you are completely prepared for the presentation is important; make sure you know your topics inside out. Master you’re presentation by practicing, read your speech out loud to yourself as many times as you can. Practice in front of the mirror, or better yet video yourself! You will then be able to review and pick up on points you may need to work on, like how loud your voice is, your body language and more importantly how confident you look whilst presenting. The more you practice, your confidence will grow and your presentation will go a lot smoother.

Adjust your presentation according to your audience; be sure to figure out how much the audience actually knows about the topic you’ll be presenting, then use that to work out what you need to explain. If you start going too deep into a subject that the audience isn’t experienced on, they might get confused and loose interest instantly.

Keep your eyes and attention on the audience, not your visuals. Your eyes will immediately signal your degree of confidence to everyone when you get up to give a presentation.

If you forget a piece of information in your presentation, don’t prove you’ve just made a mistake by saying sorry. At this moment you should stop speaking, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and proceed. Unless the audience has a copy of your speech, they will never know you forgot something.

Excitement is contagious; if you get excited about your presentation then the chances are so will the audience.  Here are a few points for you to remember which will help you get excited about your presentation…

  • What you are presenting is important and can make a difference for you audience.
  • Every time you speak you become better than the last time.
  • Presenting will expose you to countless opportunities that you wouldn’t have had by not presenting.

Follow these steps and you will take your public speaking to a whole new level.

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