Microsoft Office Word Training Tip 3: How can I create columns for a newsletter?

Columns can easily be created in any document using the ‘Page Layout’ Ribbon.

This is how you do it:

• Select the text you wish to put into columns. If it’s the whole document a triple click in the margin area will select the entire document or Control and A.

• On the’ Page Layout’ ribbon click on the ‘Columns’ option in the Page Setup group. Select the desired number of columns or for more option click on ‘More Columns’.

• If more than three columns are needed use the ‘Number of Columns’ spin box where you can also type in to specify the number of columns needed.

• The width and spacing measurements can also be altered in this dialog box and a line can be put between the columns.

• To break a column, select where to break in the text, and then find the ‘Breaks’ option to the right of the ‘Columns’ button – choose a ‘Column’ break. The following text will continue in the next column.

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