Microsoft Office Word Training Tip 2: How do you create a Table of Contents in a document?

If you’d like to create a ‘Table of Contents’ in a document the correct styles need to be applied to the relevant headings.

These headings can then be automatically created into a ‘Table of Contents’.

This is how you do it:

• Ensure that you have applied ‘Heading styles’ to the headings in your document.

• Create a page in your document for your ‘Table of Contents’.

• Click onto the page and go to the References ribbon.

• Click on the Table of Contents button which is the first button on the left.

• Click on your preferred layout from the two automatic ‘Table of Contents’ options which can be selected.

• A ‘Table of Contents’ will be inserted onto your chosen page.

• If you point to a heading on the Table of Contents you will notice they have an automatic hyperlink to that heading in the document which is very useful for navigation.

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