Management Training Tip 3 – Stop searching for a solution until you understand the problem

Something goes wrong and the pressure really mounts. Chances are everyone’s demanding a solution – fast. Chances also are that the solution won’t work and further down the line your initial problem will rear its ugly head again.

So what should you do? Instinct (and your boss) may say ‘Get it sorted – now!’, but the best thing may be to do the opposite.

No, we haven’t lost the plot. The trick here is to take enough time to fully understand the problem before trying to solve it. A little more time invested at this stage reaps dividends later.

So, forensically analyse the problem. Apply past experience and knowledge, but avoid assumptions!

  • What might be the contributory factors?
  • Is the problem that presents itself the full story or merely a superficial – or worse still – a diversionary side issue?

The knowledge and insight you gain through this process will help you assess the fundamental challenges and causes and then, and only then, you’ll be in the right place to design the best solution.

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