Interview Tips

Interviews are all about presenting yourself in a positive and respectful manor; this is your opportunity to show a company what you are made of and what you can offer them within the business. Some people are confident with interviews, but then there is the chance they could oversell themselves, which can come across as arrogant. Then you get some people who have hardly any confidence with their interviews, they may find it difficult to answer relevant questions which could cause the interview to not go well.

It is a difficult thing for anyone at any level, so here are some tips on how to be a good interviewee.

– First you need to know yourself! Not spending any time actually thinking about what you can offer can lead to failure. Take time to think about your experience, skills learnt and qualifications which make you a perfect candidate for the job and how you can demonstrate this in your interview.

– Researching the job, your possible future employers and the company is important. This will make it easier to demonstrate whether you know what they are looking for, what they actually do and how the job fits into your career. Really researching different areas of the company can go a long way in impressing the employer, making the effort to do this is important because you never know what questions they might ask you, and it’s always a good thing to know the answer of course.

– The obvious one would be first impressions count! Smiling and making eye contact are keys to a good first impression. For example if you arrive in a bit of a bad mood and not showing much enthusiasm towards to interview then the interviewer may judge you on the impression you have given of yourself. It’s simple, if the impression is bad then you will look bad, if the impression is good then you will look good.

– Keep your answers in the middle, lengthy answers do not make the point clear enough but short answers make too few points. Keeping your answers less than 3 minutes long will ensure you don’t go on for too long and that you’re still able to make your points.

– Structure your answers in 3 or 4 points, this will help keep your time low but it will also help the interviewer identify the important parts of your answer. Instead of drowning them with information which they then have to do the work and pick out the important bits relevant. Backup your points with experience, use your skills learnt and experience turn your points from a claim to a valid point.

– How you dress at an interview is just as important as your first impression, dressing casual will give the wrong impression. Of course this will depend on the job you are applying for but still, whatever job it is you should always dress professionally.

– Whatever happens, don’t be late! Timing is critical when it comes to an interview, plan your journey ahead, look up how long it will take you to get there and ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes early. If you are too early then go for a wake up coffee to get you ready for you interview. The last thing you want to be doing is running up 3 flights of stairs and arriving out of breath and in a fluster.


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